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Panda paws!

We went to the bank today! Now we have to make an effort not to spend too much all at once, or at least not before the transaction is officially processed. But we did go ahead and order Kingdom Hearts re:coded. And we spoiled ourselves with fast shipping.

When we went to the bank, since it was Leia's lunch break, she wanted to go get lunch. Her choice was a Chipotle's, which apparently is all the rage these days, because that's where we went the last time we were hanging out with somebody who needed to eat lunch. But we didn't want anything, so we went to the nearby candy store while she waited in line. Our goal was to get more honeycomb, because we've had a fascination with that stuff since the first time we tried it, but alas, they didn't have any. Or at least, they didn't have any on display. I guess we could have asked...

Anyway. When we were little, Dad used to come home from the grocery store with bags of chocolate-peanut-caramel clusters that he called turtles. A couple years(?) back, I suddenly got a craving for them, and thus we determined to get some the next time we were somewhere that sold them and had money. But! dun dun DUN! Every time we saw turtles on sale, they had cashews! I think sometimes maybe they had pecans, but never peanuts! Why never peanuts? Peanuts are the best!

Once or twice, I even asked candy store people if they had turtles with peanuts, and they told me that turtles never have peanuts, only cashews (or pecans(?)). What? But... but... then our childhood was a lie! ...That wouldn't be that surprising, actually, but whether it was or not, I wanted chocolate-peanut-caramel clusters!

Then one fateful day, we found ourselves in the candy store again. I think it was right after we saw Tangled. And they had an intriguing little candy called "panda paws." If its ingredients were what it looked like its ingredients were... So we asked the lady there! And she told us that panda paws are caramel and peanuts and chocolate! Gasp!! They're alive!!! ...Okay, they're not alive, that would be scary, but they exist! They really exist! In a place where we can buy them!

But we couldn't buy them that day, because we decided to save our money in the hopes of getting a cheesy bites pizza from Pizza Hut. We ended up not getting it, because we had to buy groceries. Sad.

And then today, we found ourselves once again at that candy store. And they were out of honeycomb. Or at least they didn't have any on display. And we didn't bother asking about it, because they had lots and lots of panda paws! So we got one for each of us, and one for Leia, because it wouldn't be nice to buy ourselves candy after she was sweet enough to drive us to the bank on her lunch break and not get her any, even if she doesn't usually like sugar. If she didn't want it, we would have just split it amongst ourselves. And we're very much looking forward to enjoying those later.

And for dinner, a cheesy bites pizza from Pizza Hut (assuming the limited time isn't over...).

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the bank, finding chocolate-peanut-caramel clusters, having finally ordered Kingdom Hearts re:coded, being able to buy chocolate-peanut-caramel clusters, and chocolate-peanut-caramel clusters still having a cute name.
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