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Kittiful day

Today has been kind of a kittiful day. Oreo seemed like he might not have been feeling so good, wanting to jump up on things but also hesitant. We were a little worried about it, because waaaaay back a couple of years ago when we first had to take Oreo to the vet on an emergency, the vet took x-rays and told us he has arthritis. Poor kitty. So we were really worried that it was acting up, but there isn't anything we can do about it. Then I shared my lunch with him and suddenly he was full of energy!

He was so full of energy that he was suddenly desperate to go outside. And not just out on the balcony--he wanted to go out the front door and explore the veranda type thingie. Fortunately, he's not adventurous enough to try going downstairs and exploring the great outdoors as a whole (yet, anyway...). So we figured we might as well let him have his adventure, but we were nervous because he's not an outdoor cat, and also a little because one time, a long time ago, we let Oreo and Mimsy out to explore the veranda type thingie, and we mentioned it to one of the management people later and she got this grim look on her face and said, "You're not supposed to do that." So I made sure to let Oreo know that if we got in trouble, it was all his responsibility, and then I let him outside.

He went all the way down the "hall" and back, like he normally does, only this time he did it very quickly, so we thought today's excursion would be relatively stress-free. But then! then! he decided to be especially bold and daring! He went through the wooden slats holding up the handrail and straight onto the extra decorative roofy thing over the apartment directly under ours. I was inside dealing with Page at the time, so I didn't see it, but I imagine that if Athena could, she would have made one of the shocked faces like you see all the time in Happy Cafe. (She says she wouldn't have, because she tends to internalize things (which is true), but she made it inwardly.)

It would have been super cute if we weren't so worried about him. He's old, and has never once been on a roof before. At least it was only one story. Fortunately, it wasn't long before he got tired of it and came back to the veranda thingie, where he went all the way down the hall again. Sigh. We lured him back inside with some treats.

And then! an hour or so later, there was a knock at the door. We were hoping that maybe it was the money we've been waiting for (sometimes money gets delivered via UPS, and we really need to get a paycheck if we want to pay rent tomorrow; we're hoping the mail came late and when we check it in about an hour, there will be a nice shiny paycheck), but it wasn't. It was someone from the management office! Shock! (Actually, it took me a while to remember where I'd seen her before. We really need to stop doing that.)

She asked, "Do you have a cat?" Uh-oh. "Is it black and white?" Oh no! They saw us! We're in trouble! Aaaaahhhh!! "'Cause she's next door." ... What? We're pretty sure we saw both our cats run away as soon as there was a knock at the door.

And then our next-door neighbor came outside carrying a beautiful long-haired black kitty with white paws and a white spot on her chest. Soooo pretty. But not ours. Whew, we're not in trouble. Apparently the cat had wandered to our neighbor's apartment, and was acting like it was lost, so the lady from the management office was helping look for the cat's owner. The whole ordeal lured Oreo out of hiding and had him staring at the front door again. Sigh.

But at least it was an adventure! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for both our kitties being safely indoors, Oreo not falling off the roof, figuring out why the anime we were watching on Crunchyroll seemed to be skipping and being able to fix the problem, not being in trouble for letting our cats outside (Page went outside, too, but while she puts up a brave front, I think she's actually more timid, so she came inside and stayed inside sooner), and finding my hair tie that slipped out of my hair and almost got lost.
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