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Good stuff

We just watched Mary Poppins for the first time in like twelve years. Such a good movie. I'm tempted to find the books and see how the movie compares, but then I remember that we don't have any money.

I remember being really scared of Mr. Dawes, Sr. when I was little, but now I see him and I'm like, "I was scared of that? But he's so cute!" I guess he just can't hide his Dick Van Dyke-ness. And Bert's the best. Watching Step in Time, I was sad that the chimney sweeps don't have a bigger part in Fantasmic!, but at least they do get to be in it.

I also noticed that, for being the title character, Mary Poppins doesn't seem to actually be in the movie all that much.

Athena pointed out that it's really interesting watching these movies from the 60's, because when you go on rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, you see the characters and think how nobody really looks like that, but in Mary Poppins, they really do. The real people, even, like the ones at the bank. I guess it's kind of like how when you watch a modern movie about the fifties and everybody looks too modern.

Another thing Athena pointed out is how much insight you can get into a character by a simple thing, like when Mr. Banks says to Admiral Boom, "A little early today, aren't you?" This was right after Bert has explained that Admiral Boom is the most punctual man in existence, and Mr. Banks is arrogant enough to question his punctuality. Right away, you see what kind of character he is.

So yeah. I remember liking the movie, but when you haven't seen something in years, you can't always remember why, or if it was a valid reason. So I'm very happy that we have the DVD, and that such a good movie was made. It does make me a little sad though, because watching too many family movies makes me think that that's how life should be, and bitter that it's not, but our story's not over yet.

I'm also happy that Dick Van Dyke is in the movie, because he's the best. I actually remember Dad being kind of like Bert back when we were little. He even has a kind of Bert-like look to him, and the exaggerated facial expressions were very similar. I'm thankful that we had such a fun dad when we were growing up. I just wish I knew why everything went so wrong (not like knowing would help).

And I'm happy that Walt Disney went into the animation industry. My life would be a lot different if he hadn't. And I'm happy that there are movies like Mary Poppins with such good messages that people of all ages can learn from... which may sound kind of preachy or something, but I know most of my education came from cartoons.
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