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On Saturday, we finally got back to reading manga, so Athena finished reading Oki ni Mesu Mama?, and that means it's time to post a review!

Soon after the book came out, seangaffney tweeted at us to let us know it was a Senko-lover's dream or something along those lines. Our snippy response was something like, "Unless she's saying something very un-Senko-like!" Funny we should say that... ha... ha...

Okay, it's not totally un-Senko-like. It's just... It's like this. Honjo says something that annoys Senko, she refuses to talk to him until Something Dramatic happens (in the meantime, she goes to see Kazuha and ends up doing bodily harm to Maki), she realizes oh my goodness he does love me after all, lather, rinse, repeat. I mean, that kind of stuff is part of what made their relationship so popular to begin with, but the other part of what made their relationship so charming is that Senko hated him and pushed him away at every turn. That's where the un-Senko-like bits come in. She's always obsessing about why isn't he caaaaalllling meeeeeee? One of the other amusing things about Senko and Honjo's relationship was that she had other things to think about.

Still, it's not terrible. While I did get frustrated with Senko, there was some very adorable romance. In the last chapter, she even realized that she needed to stop obsessing over him for a while. And Honjo is the same as always (though his eyebrows look really strange in the first couple of chapters...). The filler pages are really fun, too. One of these days, we'll find out where that fairy tale came from (don't tell us; that'll take all the fun out of it).

So all in all, not great, but if you want to know everything there is to know about the Akiyoshi world, it's still a must-read. And it's enjoyable enough that it's not annoying that it's a must-read.

Today I'm thankful for having something to do tomorrow to end our unplanned vacation, cookie dough being on sale at Fresh & Easy (we got sugar cookie and ginger spice cookie dough!), coffee cake being on clearance, having milk for our cereal, and the super deliciousness of the Freschetta pizza we had on Friday (yes it's late, but that was a reeeeally good pizza, and I kept forgetting to mention it).
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