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I... hit the I key and right after that the screen saver showed up. I thought maybe I didn't hit it hard enough, but when I took the screen saver down, there it was. That same capital I at the beginning of this post. Now I can't even remember what I was going to say, I was so distracted by that. Athena suggests that the process of the screen saver coming up started before I hit the I, but by then it couldn't go back.

See, as I sat here with this update screen open, giving the screen saver enough time to want to start up, we sat here having a bunch of silly and random discussions that aren't necessarily appropriate for LJ, like how we wonder how a certain person pronounces their name. The point is, I'm not sure what to type about.

It was a long day at church. We were substituting for the ward librarian during the second hour, at which point we both realized we were starving. It wasn't like we skipped breakfast or anything, but breakfast was a little small because we didn't have as much milk as we normally like with our cereal. And with Frosted Mini Wheats, there has to be a lot of milk or none. Still, when one of the counselors from Mom's ward's Primary asked if I could step in and play the piano, I didn't hesitate to say yes. It wasn't until after that that we realized that Mom is out of town, so staying for her ward isn't quite as likely to ensure us a ride home as it usually is.

Celeste is far from heartless, and she probably would have been kind enough to drive us home, but I was only needed for one hour of Primary this time, and we were still starving. So we walked to the bishop's office, because occasionally there are people there who take pity on us, but mostly because there are comfy chairs and people to talk to while we wait for the other ward to get out. This week, one of the people waiting to see the bishop was a friend of ours who lives about two blocks away from us, and she took pity on us and drove us home. We were very blessed.

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to help out, getting a ride home from church, getting to go to choir practice, being ready to substitute for the regular choir pianist on short notice, and having a chocolate stash.
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