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Another uneventful day, only this time chock full of kitties. Oreo has been following us around everywhere! Except for the times when he would gaze longingly at the front door, occasionally pawing at it in an attempt to figure out how to open it. And the time he was on the balcony, at which point the little black cat showed up. Fortunately, no one was knocked to the ground this time.

Now that Oreo is in the other room, Page has decided it's her turn and she's on my lap. I feel like I haven't had more than five minutes at the computer today without a cat on my lap. Not that I'm complaining, of course. (Although Oreo can be pretty heavy. I'm such a weakling.)

...And now Page has left. She never could stay in the same place for very long. (Unless it's reeeeeally comfy.)

We did consider using the last of our cash to go see Tangled again. Then we realized we might need the money to go buy some more milk, but it's cold and rainy today, so that's not happening, either. We do need to see Tangled again, though. Hmm.

Today I'm thankful for getting to eat chocolate pie yesterday, still having chocolate pie, being followed around by kitties today, the Power Rangers parody on Li'l Pri, and no kitties falling off the balcony today.
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