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We're spending another day playing video games! Tadah! ...And that means there's still nothing really worth updating about.

First of all, I really like how they adapted the fairy tale. Was it censorship, changing Rapunzel's parents so they weren't just thieves? I don't know, but the whole "lost princess" thing is kind of cool, and could make for a neat Kingdom Hearts plot device. Plus, her parents needed to be royalty so they'd have the influence to get all those lanterns sent up every year, so that there would be something to lure Rapunzel out of the tower, because if Rapunzel never left the tower, the story would be a heck of a lot shorter.

The way they portrayed all the characters in this movie was brilliant. The best was right after Rapunzel left the tower, and she kept going back and forth from "this is the best thing ever" to "I'm the worst person alive." The shot with her face-down in the flowers was awesome. Her relationship with Mother Goethel was very well-done, too. And Mother Goethel's songs! The way they reprised "Mother Knows Best" as "Rapunzel Knows Best," sung sarcastically and everything, was stupendous (one of the things I like about Flynn Rider: he uses words you don't hear every day). I hated Mother Goethel as a person, but as a character, she was fantastic.

I didn't like Flynn Rider as much as I thought I would, but on the way to Thanksgiving Dinner, Celeste pointed out some things she really liked about him. When he shares his tragic backstory, it's not a big angsty sob story. It's just like, "Yeah, my past wasn't fun. Wasn't interesting, either. Let's move on." (He did say that he doesn't do backstory at least once, so it's in keeping with his character! Nice job!) And wow, way to pick the least glamorous name possible, Disney. Eugene Fitzherbert. Wow.

The horse was the best. Disney horses do tend to be pretty awesome. This one fights with a sword! It's amazing! And Rapunzel was so cute with her frying pan. She was just great all around. She was feminine without being protected all the time. She managed to take care of herself pretty well for a girl who spent her life locked in a tower. And she was funny.

We (me, Athena, and Celeste) did agree that they took the frying pan as the best weapon ever joke a little too far, but they had some other running gags that we liked a lot.

Now anyone familiar with the story of Rapunzel should know that she loses her hair by the end of it. This version is no exception, and that's where we got into a big argument with our friend at the theater. But we couldn't argue it to our satisfaction because Celeste was being dumb and we thought it would be rude to discuss the biggest spoiler in the movie right there in the middle of the lobby. When Rapunzel's hair got cut, it wasn't even at the ends, which we thought was pretty accurate. Our friend thought that it should have been a nice, even line, because her hair was grabbed from behind and cut in a single stroke. Our friend is a guy with hair about a quarter inch long. Of course, seeing as how we haven't cut our hair in about ten years, maybe we're just as clueless as he is, but when braiding our hair or tying it back, we've noticed this phenomenon where, when the hair is grabbed, the tension isn't exactly the same in every strand of hair. In some places there's a lot of slack in the hair between my hand and my scalp, and in some places, the hair is being pulled very tightly. It happens just about every time I'm not careful. That being the case, we think that Rapunzel's hair, which was not cut carefully at all, probably wouldn't have had an even length after the deed was done.

And now that I've been able to explain myself, I feel much better.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to play video games today, getting to have our own version of a Thanksgiving feast (we were prepared to not visit anyone else for Thanksgiving), having enough quarters to do laundry today, having a Claim Jumper's chocolate pie for dessert, and each of us having a kitty on her lap (though we're not sure how long that will last).
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