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We got back from Tangled a little while ago, and we liked it quite a bit, so we're not entirely sure why we're feeling so gloomy. It may have something to do with running into a friend at the theater, getting into a geek argument in which said friend refused to even consider most of what we said, and our ride to the theater zoning out like she wished she could just leave but refusing to say anything to the effect of, "Hey, let's go." And then we got home and read a tweet that said, "Basically the problem with Tangled is this," and we couldn't really disagree with it. Well, we could, because they were blaming the technology when it wasn't the technology's fault--it was the people who created and used the technology. But the point is it wasn't perfect.

Well, sure it wasn't perfect, but it was still a great movie. Rapunzel was absolutely adorable, and it made us cry more than once! Of course, it was never that hard to make us cry at movies, but generally if we don't like a movie, we're too busy being annoyed at the movie to let its "emotional bits" get to us. Mother Goethel's costume was amazing, and her singing was pretty spectacular. We did have one complaint really early on, and that was that Rapunzel's first song had kind of a country feel to it. I think I've explained that we hate country because of a guilt by association thing, and most of the time, we're safe from it when we're watching Disney. (Though to be fair, the friend we ran into at the theater described it more as pop, and since we don't listen to any contemporary music, he very well may be right. But the guitars and the way she used her voice was similar enough to still induce cringing. In a different style, though, we probably would have loved it.)

I realized toward the end of the movie that I was enjoying it, but at the same time I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it, as if it was a foregone conclusion of mine that there would be something wrong. It's true that I don't think the movie was perfect, but I still liked it a lot. I think that that's the problem with being too much of a Disney geek. It's hard to describe it exactly.

Um... I wish I had more to say, but I can't quite focus right now. Anyway, it's a great movie, so go see it!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Tangled, having a kitty on my lap (but he'll have to move soon, probably), the idea of getting to go see Tangled again, Celeste being kind enough to drive us, and having enough cash to buy tickets.
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