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Today has been entirely uneventful, and so I had nothing to post about. Until snack time. Athena had gotten out a box of Cheez-its and was ready to start eating them, but I kept getting distracted by one thing or another. I finally finished drinking some water and was about to go sit down when the phone rang. I picked it up, and Mom said, "What happened to my vanilla?"

I had no idea what she was talking about, so I said, "I don't know. What happened to your vanilla?" I could kind of hear the tension leave her as she explained that her vanilla had gone missing, but Steve said he saw an empty vanilla bottle in the trashcan. The only thing we ever cook at Mom's place (well, Athena cooks it) is peanut butter squares, and that recipe doesn't take any vanilla, so we could tell her with certainty that it wasn't us. I wonder if they asked Sarah. She does a lot more cooking.

Regardless of whether or not they asked Sarah, the accusation did bring us back to college... *wistful look* I don't know if we were the first suspects to jump to people's minds, but people did seem to assume we were taking things that we weren't. One time a roommate asked us, and made very sure that she was clear, whether or not we had eaten her Hot Pockets, which was a little silly, given how picky we are. There are two kinds of Hot Pockets we eat, and hers were not on the list. And if I remember correctly, they were Lean Pockets, which is even less likely.

Before Bit Torrent, when we were still brazenly stealing people's intellectual property in the name of "but we can't get it over here!", there was a sort of similar program (in that it was P2P). It was a long time ago so I don't remember exactly, but there were two settings--the one that let you do more stuff, and the one you had to use when your network wouldn't let you use the first one. In the dorms, everybody had to use the second one because of filters and firewalls and things. Then we moved into an apartment off-campus, and for some reason we still had to use the second one. Our roommates assumed, without asking, that the reason they had to use the second one was that we were using the first one (and somehow only one computer on a network is allowed to use the first one (I think this part is true, but I have no idea why)).

Then after we started translating, TokyoPop asked us if we knew anybody else who could translate for them. We asked if any of our friends were interested, and some of them got some translation work, too. A few years later, work started drying up for all of us, mainly because people were either catching up to Japan, or the titles they were working on were ending. We got a couple of new titles because we asked the managing editor for more work. Then we were talking to one of these friends and he confessed that he and the other people who started working at TP after us just assumed there wasn't any work because we were taking all of it. Oy.

I should probably point out that, while all of this makes us roll our eyes, we're not angry about it (anymore, anyway). We just look back on our life and wonder why people keep thinking these things. Is it because, as twins, we've already cheated the normal system by being born at the same time, and therefore we must be sinister somehow? Is it because we look alike and can easily fool people, so obviously we must be fooling people on a regular basis? Actually, all of these ideas sound kind of neat. We did always like the idea of both getting a shirt that says "I am the evil twin."

Anyway, mention of the word "sinister" brought up a whole new discussion, because we like to take political correctness to the extreme (we have a twisted sense of humor; must be a twin thing >-)), about how it's directionalist to call somebody who can use both hands dominantly "ambidextrous." (It's actually directionalist to call evil people "sinister," too, come to think of it.) So we thought it would be fun to start calling people "ambisinistrous" instead.

But then we couldn't have everybody using "ambisinistrous," because then it wouldn't be fair to the right hand. So at first we thought that Athena would keep using "ambidextrous" because she's right-handed, so to her, anyone who can use both hands would be "both right," and I would use "ambisinistrous" for the same reason only with the left hand.

After that, we realized that most people who can use both hands didn't start that way, and maybe we should change our vocabulary according to that. So if "ambidextrous" means "both right," then only someone who started out as right-handed and gained control of both hands would be ambidextrous. But somebody who started out left-handed, and then was forced to use their left hand because being left-handed is sinister (apparently it wasn't an uncommon thing; we had a friend in high school whose mom was born left-handed but was forced to use her right hand anyway) would be ambisinistrous.

Or maybe we'll just call somebody ambisinistrous if we find out they're ambidextrous, just to hear them go, "What?" Because messing with people's heads is a twin thing.

But then we could educate them about the meaning of the word "dextrous," and it would be a learning opportunity! It's a win-win.

Today I'm thankful for geeky discussions about etymology and the like, fun new words, it not taking any convincing for Mom to believe we didn't touch her vanilla, getting to sleep in this morning, and oh my goodness Tangled comes out tomorrow! I have to make some phone calls.
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