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I have been inexplicably grumpy all day, and I'm about ready to explode. And while that's going on, the subject of dialects gets brought up on Twitter again, and... rar.

Changing the subject, in my waves of rage and realizing it's stupid to be angry for no reason, I'm clearly not thinking straight. I was talking to Dad on the phone, and looking at the clock in the living room (the one we haven't changed back to standard time, because we think it's fun or something (weird but true)), and as I got off the phone, I thought, "Wow, it's already dinner time." Then I came into the bedroom and saw the alarm clock and thought something like, "Whoa, that clock's an hour slow." I did finally realize that the alarm clock was correct, but man.

Anyway, I did want to give a more detailed report about yesterday. We woke up early, because early was the best time to fit a trip to the grocery store into Mom's schedule. There was also talk of going to Jo-Ann's, but Mom had to meet up with Steve and his kids for lunch. We suggested going to Chick Fil-A for lunch, because it's close to Jo-Ann's and we had been craving chicken nuggets with real honey. And tadah! we got our wish, which was very happy. Then Mom took us to her house where we ended up staying for a looooooooooong time. We suspect it was all Mom's plot to get Athena to make peanut butter squares, because what else were we going to do?

But the justification was that if we were around when Sarah showed up with her husband, we could all go to see the latest Harry Potter movie, and Mom and Steve would provide the tickets. And that's just what we did! Tadah! We liked the movie well enough, and it managed to hold our attention the entire duration, which is definitely a good thing. But there were some parts that were just a little (or really a lot) over-dramatic. And we look back at them and giggle. But we definitely approve of using animation for the retelling of fairy tales.

After the movie and figuring out what to eat for dinner (we almost got to go to Chick Fil-A twice, but there was a member of the party who doesn't like it, alas), we went back to Mom's house, which was good because we didn't get any peanut butter squares before we left for the movie. And then we talked about Harry Potter with Steve for a while, but we did not borrow their copy of the sixth movie because it had either been spirited away or they never actually had one. If only we had more time, we would read through all the books again. Y'know, after we used our imaginary money to buy the volumes we don't have (we had the family copies after all the moving was done back in the day, but when the sixth book came out, Aurora wanted to reread them, so). But that's okay; we have plenty of other fun stuff to do.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely rainbow we saw on the way home from church, the Relief Society teacher bringing cookies, the cute cover under the dust jacket for Ascribe to Heaven, the soothing powers of chocolate, and Oreo showing up in what could be interpreted as an attempt to help me feel better.
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