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A little early for Christmas lists, but...

I was all ready with something to post today, and then there was big (not so good) news on Banri Hidaka's blog. Normally we just let people find out this kind of thing on their own, but nobody's said anything about it, and we think a few people might like to know. Akiyoshi TNG is going on hold for a few issues, because Hidaka-sensei was vomiting blood. (I make it a little over-dramatic, because she did the same thing.) The diagnosis was an ulcer, so we don't think it's too much to worry about, and she wants to write all about it in the Daily Heaven of Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki volume one.

As she told it on her blog, she was feeling pretty bad all through inking the most recent chapter of the series, and right as she got to the last panel, she couldn't take it anymore, and had to rush to the bathroom so she could throw up. And she threw up blood. So she lay down for a while, then finished inking that last panel and went to the hospital while her assistants finished the manuscript. Wow, that's pretty intense. We really hope she's doing okay.

As for the other thing I was going to post about. Last night was our ward's Thanksgiving dinner, which of course we had a week early so people could celebrate actual Thanksgiving with their families. After dinner, before they set out the desserts, the bishop put on a Santa hat and started talking about what he wanted for Christmas. At first I was like, "Do people normally get their bishop something for Christmas? Have we been totally remiss in our etiquette all these years!? Ooohhh noooo!!" As he went on and talked about a whole list of things he wanted, I started to think, "Bishops aren't this selfish. He's probably going to ask us to, like, help people and stuff."

So he pulled out this list that he had rolled up in a nice little scroll with a pretty gold ribbon around it, and unrolled it to reveal quite a long list. I suspect font size had something to do with it. But! it was a pretty good list, so I wanted to share it. (Putting it here will also help us to remember what's on it so we can work on it.)

The Christmas List
"This Christmas,
Mend a quarrel,
Seek out a forgotten friend,
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust,
Write a letter,
Give a soft answer,
Encourage youth,
Manifest your loyalty in word and deed,
Keep a promise,
Forgo a grudge,
Forgive an enemy,
Try to understand,
Examine your demands on others,
Think first of someone else,
Be kind,
Be gentle,
Laugh a little more,
Express your gratitude,
Welcome a stranger,
Gladden the heart of a child,
Take pleasure in the beauty and the wonder of the earth,
Speak your love and speak it again."

That list came from a Christmas message from Howard W. Hunter back in 1994. We wanted to find the whole message to link to it, but we failed, alas. It seems like kind of a lot to work on. Fortunately, we've already got "expressing gratitude" covered.

Today I'm thankful for RS Pres being understanding about us not wanting to cut our hair today, having time to read Kieli today, reminders of how to keep the spirit of Christmas, cake shaped like yule logs with little meringue mushrooms, and getting to see the one episode of the thing that we wanted to see.
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