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Today they re-ran Ken Jennings's defeat. We actively chose not to watch it the first time it was on, because our mother suddenly decided that she cared about Jeopardy! now that Mr. Jennings was going to lose, and we wanted to protest. I was kind of torn, actually, because I felt that, as a true fan, I should watch to the end, but I was really upset. It bothered me that people seemed to want to watch him fail so much, but now that I think about it, it's probably more because it was so unusual. Like how so many people slow down when they pass a car wreck.

I didn't know he was beaten by a woman named Zurg. Okay, so it was Nancy Zerg, but it was still pronounced Zurg. This will add a whole new dimension to the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland.
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