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It's tough being popular...

For the second week in a row we're surprisingly popular on our second day of unplanned vacation. This time, we may or may not be going to Jo-Ann's with Mom. It's kind of funny, because lately we've been just a little frustrated with our ongoing lack of finances, among other things, and so we started joking, like, "Fine! We'll just go order another copy of 358/2 Days (so we can play two-player), and a copy of re:coded and spend the rest of the week playing Kingdom Hearts!" Self-destructive behavior. There was also talk of taking our non-existent funds to the Disney Movie Club and ordering a bunch of DVDs. Fortunately, we have a little more self-control than that.

That being the case, Mom's getting a little frustrated with various things, and so she decided she might want to ditch work early today. Hence the trip to Jo-Ann's. Only in her case, it wouldn't be entirely slackerish, as she would be getting material to make people Christmas presents. She decided to make everyone pajamas for Christmas. She might decide to be good and work the full day anyway, though, so we'll see what happens.

But! tentative plans were good enough for us when the next phone call came! Dun dun DUN!! It was from Barbie (who is also the new Relief Society President, incidentally). It would seem we made a mistake in talking to one of the new RS counselors about our long hair and mentioning that RS Pres talked us into getting it trimmed long ago but apparently forgot. Now they both remember, and they wanted to take us to Super Cuts this very day!! Aaaaahhhhh!! Fortunately, our tentative plans got in the way. Whew. But I told her we'd think about it, and she's going to call back tomorrow, and that means we have to actually think about it, and maybe even consider the fact that not getting a haircut is not, in fact, a foregone conclusion. ...I kinda think it is, but on the other hand, we've been thinking about being Disney princesses, and maybe we need new hair for that.

But! on the other hand! it seems a little silly to get our lovely long hair cut right before Tangled comes out! I mean really, how are we supposed to keep something in common with Rapunzel if we get rid of it before the movie's even out? Just because there's a strong possibility her hair will be short by the end of the movie anyway... And it's not like we'd be getting our hair cut short, either... It better not be, anyway. It's a little tricky, because even though she's the RS President, that doesn't mean that we trust her not to tell the hairstylist to do something crazy. (The problem with never ever getting your hair cut is that you don't know how to give instructions about what you want when you actually do.)

So we'll think about it.

In the meantime, our recent DN Angel obsession, followed by our even more recent Lilpri obsession led us to the obvious next step of getting back to our Ascribe to Heaven translation (currently on hold again because it got expositiony again, and then cut to entirely new characters, and then we took a break for lunch and didn't know if Mom was going to call when we only had three pages left). It's such a cute series! But it's the third series that has me doubting whether or not I want the girl to end up with her "prince charming." We're sure Sugisaki-sensei is doing that on purpose. (Incidentally, the other series are Maid-sama and... and... Huh. I can't remember. I just remember there were two series at the same time and one of them was Maid-sama. Oh well.)

...It's hard being a fan of something that nobody else can read. Boo. Oh well again. Anyway, Yukiru Sugisaki's sci-fi titles are always really hard, because there's no way to figure out how the names are supposed to be spelled. At least the main character is easy enough--she's Minnie, like Minnie Mouse! But even that's just a guess. And her last name... we have no idea. (アンスパークスロシェット, in case anybody wants to throw out some suggestions.) For all we know, there's something at the end that tells us all the name spellings (that's how we figured out all the Candidate for Goddess names), but we don't want to skip to the end to find out.

Today I'm thankful for getting back to Ascribe to Heaven, finally getting to see the prince character (ラクロ・ラムゼ・パトリーザ) in action (he is adorable, even if he is potentially evil or not), getting a grace period on deciding whether or not to get haircuts, the kitties being especially adorable right now, and tentative plans to go to Jo-Ann's.
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