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Today was another unplanned vacation day! Only this time, we actually spent it being productive! Yay! ...Okay, so we spent the first half of it being productive, but still. We both had massive allergy attacks after vacuuming the bedroom. We didn't think it had been that long! Maybe it's just been an extra dusty period of time.

And then we spent the second half of the day watching Lilpri! That show is kind of addictive for us. We always end up watching more episodes than we planned. Very curious about the rabbit character for various reasons as of episode eight.

After posting yesterday, I was thinking about the twin thing some more--mainly that I wanted to explain what started me thinking about it, which actually might make the whole thing seem unrelated to everything I mentioned yesterday. There's a lot to think about, that's all.

Anyway. I think it started last year, around Halloween, when we were trying to think of ways to use the whole twin thing to our advantage in cosplay. It made us a little sad that there aren't any twin Disney princesses for us to dress as. That's when we started joking about twins being an underrepresented minority. It got just a little bit worse this year when Mom was thinking of making costumes for the little twins. I mean, when we were little, one year Athena went as Snow White and I went as a tiger, and it didn't bother us at all (we had both chosen those costumes on our own, and had nothing to do with Mom saying we'd be cute in them). So obviously little kids don't care that much, and really who can blame them?

But the thing is, when you're a little kid, you can get away with wearing anything (almost), because you're cute by virtue of being a little kid. Now that we're grown up, we like to cosplay together. And when we don't have a group, we prefer to pick characters that work in pairs. And then we get on really big Disney kicks, and we realize that the selection is very, very small. And then we watch Lilpri and they're in a group of three! Aaaaahhh!

And really, that's not why I was thinking about it yesterday. But it's true that we've gotten more and more interested in the idea of Disney making a movie with twin princesses. Maybe someday they will...

Anyway, I think I was thinking about it because we've been talking about minorities with people lately. The idea of white privilege got brought up, complete with a list of privileges we enjoy just because we're white, mostly involving things like being able to look around, turn on the TV, etc., and seeing people just like them, whose experiences probably match theirs pretty closely. So we thought about it... and realized we grew up watching chipmunks, ducks, and rabbits on TV, so from a pretty young age we were used to watching characters that didn't look like us.

But anyway, there are aren't that many TV shows that really accurately reflect the twin experience. Or maybe there are but we haven't seen them. Or maybe we refused to watch them, because part of our twin experience involves wanting to be the main set of twins around. It's what makes us special, after all.

And I'm kind of getting lost in my own thought processes here, in case it wasn't obvious. (I did say yesterday that I wasn't sure I could put my thoughts into words.) So... I guess I'm done. Tadah! ...or something.

Today I'm thankful for surviving the attack of the dust!, having a cleaner apartment, finding Page, the rabbit in Lilpri (he has a name, but I like to call him the rabbit), and getting to go to the temple tonight.
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