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We sat down to update LJ today and I said, "I don't know what to post about," and Athena said, "Nothing." I'm not sure what that means... Probably nothing. Ha ha ha. Actually, it means she's tired of Live Journal. I'm kind of tired of it, too, to be honest, but not nearly in the "oh, let's all move over to another website" sort of way. We like our journal here, but I think it's getting to hard to come up with things to write about. It's not like it's even important to update every day, but I feel like if we don't, we'll fall off the updating wagon and we may never come back! Oh no!

...Not like that's even really important, either. But it is important to keep a journal. But it's also true that there are a lot of things that are important to the story of our lives that don't get posted on LJ because of confidentiality or privacy or whatever other reasons. We've started considering switching from LJ to physical journals. Those would certainly be safer in the case of an EMP bomb (thanks, Castle, for reminding me what those are called recently enough for me to remember!), but they would certainly not be safer in the case of a fire. Just one of the factors to consider.

Anyway, lately I've been thinking a little bit about this whole 'twin' thing. I like it, of course. But there was this thing that happened last night. My visiting teaching companion and I have been discussing actually, like, getting our visiting teaching done, and we were going to make appointments to visit people this week. We talked to one of the girls we visit, but the other girl wasn't in the same building as us for church because of stake conference stuff. So my companion called her yesterday, and then she called us. She asked to talk to Athena. She didn't say what it was about or even introduce herself, so I figured that's really who she wanted to talk to. As you've probably guessed by the nature of this story, it wasn't.

Now, I understand that people can't always tell us apart. That's okay, especially because if anything, we make an effort to make it more difficult (but only when we're feeling especially mischievous). But when you're assigned a visiting teaching companion, it's written right there on a piece of paper for you to know the name of your companion. On the other hand, maybe it was just a simple mix-up, like when parents try to call one of their kids, and they go through the names of every other one of their kids before they get to the right one. She did apologize rather profusely for the confusion.

It's just that the whole thing has me thinking about stuff like how people see twins as sets and not always as two individuals who spend a lot of time together. But I'm not really good at deep thinking, so I'm not sure if I can really put my vague thoughts into words. It's like... in Host Club. Yup, that pretty much covers it. Thanks, Hatori-sensei.

Come to think of it, maybe Host Club is what has me thinking about this stuff to begin with. The other day, we read a column about strong female characters, siting Haruhi. We don't deny that Haruhi is a strong character (though not necessarily the strongest; she grows, and that's the important thing), but the person also claimed that Haruhi single-handedly got Hikaru and Kaoru to open up more. And we were like, "Um, were you paying any attention? Tamaki totally started that ball rolling."

It's very important to us that people realize what Tamaki did to get the Hitachiins to start opening up, too. (Actually, we don't really care that much until people start to talk like they totally understand Hikaru and Kaoru and twins and stuff.) Because what Tamaki did was show that even though he's really not that smart, and he doesn't know how to tell them apart, he cares about each of them individually, or as a set, or however they want him to care about them. Haruhi doesn't really care about anything; that's kind of her thing. So to say that Haruhi got the Hitachiins to open up all on her own... it's like, "How? By not caring?"

Oh, right, she can tell them apart. To that I say, "So?" People can tell twins apart. Some people are really proud of themselves for it. (Others, like the younger siblings of twins, are like, "What, like it's hard?") But sometimes we feel like people will brag that they can tell us apart... and then have nothing else to do with us. It's kind of like, "Wow... thanks?"

Hmm... that got a little ranty. Eheh. Anyway... what's that!?

*run away!*

Today I'm thankful for finding Fudge Snickers at the 99 Cents Only Store, finishing work early enough that we could go to the store and get snacks, specials on bags of Reese's peanut butter cups (one bag for one-fifty!), happy pictures of Dark and Daisuke (by which I mean pictures that make us happy), and clever distractions.
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