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I forgot to mention that we tried out the vegetable chips the other day. The experiment has shown us that our aversion to vegetables is very, very deep-seated. The chips tasted pretty much like potato chips, but with a hint of "ew." And that very small hint of "ew," which isn't even all that gross, just different, is enough to have us dreading opening that bag again. Kind of reminds me of the little package of dried fruit we've had in the pantry for a few months now...

After watching Lilpri, I thought I wanted to talk about it a lot, but as it turns out I don't have all that much to say. It's super cute, though. It's a magical girl series where the girls transform into fairy tale princesses and singing sensations AT THE SAME TIME!!! It's kind of intense. And it features Princess Kaguya, which has us wondering if Disney could do a good job with the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter...

We watched one episode each of a couple of other new titles recently, too. lyschan recommended Princess Jellyfish, which is fun. We were disappointed that the one guy was played by a girl, though. Ah well. We also watched The Legend of Legendary Heroes, because I have a strange attraction to things with redundant titles. That one was interesting in a Slayers kind of way, but more serious than the first episode of Slayers, but still a little silly. There was one scene and the preview for the second episode had us like, "Have we seen this before...?"

Of course we haven't exactly. But a while ago, we were wandering around Square-Enix Members, and we discovered that they had free online manga. We thought, "Hey, that's cool," and decided to read what we could read. But we have this thing against starting things from the middle, so we had to find a series that had chapter one available. And what we found was... something that we can't remember the title of at all. It might have been The Legend of Legendary Heroes. Or it might have been something else. The first chapter seemed kind of like a prologue, and the second episode of the anime in question had all the characters wearing outfits that made them look like the characters in that chapter of manga, so...

Eventually we're going to have to watch the next episode and find out, but right now we're so pressed for time (or at least we feel like we are), and so addicted to Lilpri, that it might have to wait.

Today I'm thankful for getting a decent amount of progress done on work today, getting a check in the mail, finding a pen that worked so we could address envelopes, getting to watch Lilpri (now I remembered what else I wanted to say about it! we found it because Crunchyroll started this thing where when you watch an episode of something, it automatically goes into the next episode, but we had just watched the last available episode of Fairy Tail, so it took us to Lilpri for some reason; we were like, "What in the world kind of thought process leads someone, even a computer, to think that someone who just watched Fairy Tail would want to watch something like this?" but since we have no preference for genre and it looked cute, we thought about watching it anyway, but we were busy that day so we didn't; we finally got to it on Saturday), and Crunchyroll's computer glitch that got us thinking about watching Lilpri in the first place.
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