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Sharing a book

We had a very intense stake conference this weekend, as we had a couple of general authorities in town to reorganize our stake presidency. There were some very good talks given, and a lot of great stories, but there was one story that really stood out to me that I thought I'd share here on LJ. It was shared by the wife of one of the general authorities who came to visit.

Years ago, Sister S and her family were in Toronto, where her husband served as mission president. One night at nine-thirty, their ten-year-old son reported that he had to get a gift for his teacher, as it was her birthday the very next day. Sister S immediately started thinking of the contents of the cabinet she had for such emergencies, wondering if maybe she had a nice bar of soap or a small box of chocolates or something. As she was thinking about the possibilities, her son asked, "Do we have a Book of Mormon? I want to give her a Book of Mormon."

Since her husband was in charge of all the missionaries, and giving out Books of Mormon is what missionaries do, of course they had plenty of Books of Mormon. So she took her son to the place where they kept all of them, but on the way there he asked, "Mom, what if she doesn't accept it?" This is actually a concern a lot of LDS people have about sharing the Book of Mormon, and even though it seems silly that anyone would be like, "Ew, I don't want to read that!" we ourselves had an experience once where we gave a Book of Mormon to a friend and her parents freaked out and refused to let her read it and stuff, and we're pretty sure that's not uncommon. But Sister S was in a hurry to get this problem taken care of, so she told him it would be fine, because we all know that what is a teacher going to say to a ten-year-old? But the boy persisted with his question, so Sister S decided it was time to talk it out.

She asked him what he would do if his teacher did say she didn't want the Book of Mormon. He thought about it and said, "I would tell her I'm sorry you feel that way, because I love this book and I know that it's true. But if you really don't want it, I will take it back and go sit down in my seat."

Now that they had figured out a plan for the worst-case scenario, they were able to get the gift ready. The next day, the boy's teacher accepted the book graciously, and he even followed up and invited her to meet with the missionaries. But what really stood out to me is what the boy decided to do if she refused the gift. Whenever I imagine similar scenarios, I try to come up with detailed explanations of why I love the Book of Mormon and how I know it's true, but that's not the point. The point is that I do love it, and I do know it's true. And I do think it would be nice if our friends would read it.

...But that doesn't make it any easier to be assertive about sharing it. I guess we still need to work on that.

Today I'm thankful for a wonderful stake conference, the Book of Mormon, getting to have cake and ice cream at the bishop's house last night, Celeste being kind enough to drive us there, and our friend being kind enough to drive us to all the meetings we've had this weekend.
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