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On dialects

I wonder if the fact that people from eastern Japan seem to have thicker Kansai dialects when playing those characters means that they're not good at imitating the dialect.

I was noticing dialects while watching Bleach and Ueki no Housoku today. Ichimaru was talking and I was like, "I can imagine someone with Tokyo dialect would have had way different intonation." I don't remember what he was saying, but it was a question or some other thing that wouldn't have been too different grammatically. I actually just looked up where the voice of Ichimaru is from, and he's from Kyoto, so we can assume his dialect is genuine. It's also really easy to understand.

On the other hand, when listening to Tasuki (Nobutoshi Canna) and Sano (Soichiro Hoshi), sometimes it's little bit harder to figure out what they're saying. Canna-san is from Tokyo and Hoshi-san is from Fukushima, which is definitely not in the Kansai area (we seem to remember reading somewhere that it's like out in the boondocks in eastern Japan, but that might have changed since Shusaku Endo's time).

So yeah. Nothing really important, just something I like to think about. Maybe one day I'll ask Clay if Hoshi-san's dialect is good. And now it's time to stop doing computer things because our poor monitor is over heating.
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