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Smile that frown away!

Argh, now is a terrible time for LJ to be acting weird! We have too much to talk about! Aaahhhh!! Maybe while we're talking about it, LJ will have time to gather its wits.

Anyway. The huge bummer is that we didn't get to see Tangled last night after all. What we didn't realize is that the tickets weren't tickets, they were passes, which means they give you the right to go, but on a first come first serve basis, and you can only get in if you go super early. If we had realized that (and we did, when Celeste pointed out the possibility, but she didn't think of it until after the first time we called her, and we didn't call her again until it was already too late!), we would have run to the theater and spent the rest of the day there, but alas it was not meant to be. We couldn't even go wait in line, because we had to meet up with the rest of the group to get the passes, and we couldn't get a hold of them to warn them. Sadness.

On the bright side, there's a candy store right by the movie theater, and we got to try honeycombs for the first time. We kept seeing them at candy stores (chocolate covered, of course), and we finally found out what they were at the Fresno fair, but we didn't have any money and we didn't want to bum any off of Mom. Technically, we don't have any money to spare right now, but it wasn't too expensive, and we wanted to get something to take the edge off not getting to see the movie. (And in theory, we should be getting a big check any day now...) I especially wanted to get something for Celeste, because she came and drove us out there for nothing, and she had already been having a bad day. So she also got a bottle of Jelly Belly brand vanilla soda. It was a new thing, and she said it was very good, like an extra vanilla-y cream soda.

We knew there was no point in staying upset about the movie thing (especially since we had already been warned it might happen), but it was hard not to be a little bummed about it. Fortunately, a bunch of stuff happened (okay, two things, but they were big) to turn our frowns upside-down!

First, we got an e-mail from Twitter telling us that Ryoco Fukuyama is following us back! Aaaahhh!! We want to tweet at her with a thank you, but we're not entirely sure what to do. See, we wanted to send her a greeting a long time ago, but we just couldn't figure out what to do about the fact that we're not translating Nosatsu Junkie anymore. It's like, "Hi! We translate your stuff but nobody in America bought it so we don't anymore! But we love you! Tee hee♥" It just doesn't quite work. Now that we're faced with a return follow, Athena's come up with the idea of just saying we translated a few of her comics. Y'know, when we work up the nerve.

The second thing! The second thing!!! Ooohhhhh♥♥♥♥!!! We finally did our for-fun translation of volume fourteen of DN Angel!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It came out a week after the Hidaka-sensei manga we wanted, so we had to wait to order those, because we didn't have enough money to justify paying shipping twice, even if it was domestic shipping from Kinokuniya. It was really weird, too, because the Hidaka-sensei manga came out on the 17th of September, and every single other volume of DN Angel (every single one!) came out on the 17th of whatever month it came out on. But not this time. This time it was a week late for some bizarre reason. But Kinokuniya proved to be super awesome once again, and somehow managed to get this volume of DN Angel much more quickly than it got the Hidaka-sensei manga we wanted. We're also very fortunate to have discovered its release like two weeks before it happened. (We had stopped keeping track, so we might have missed it! It's kind of miraculous.)

But we didn't want to dive into translations that are solely for our own fun (and not even profit) without having finished Sekaichi like we promised, and then we had, like, real work, so we kept putting it off. But that's okay, because that means we got to translate it on Daisuke's birthday! Oh, but poor Daisuke. This is a very unhappy volume for him *sniffle*

Anyway, it was also good timing, because this is the perfect pick-me-up after last night. DN Angel has always been a good stress-reliever for us. (Except when it was causing stress. We're looking at you, Feb.5, 2004! (the day we read the volume one rewrite... *shakes head in sad remembrance*)) And somehow November just isn't the same without DN Angel. (Not that we would have noticed if we hadn't had DN Angel this year.) We first encountered DN Angel in November. A girl in our dorms at BYU saw us making Weiss Kreuz costumes for Halloween, and somehow that turned into translating the first two volumes of DN Angel for her (something like, "You know Japanese, right?"), but it had to wait until after the costume crunch.

Anyway! It's been so long (about two years) since the last volume of DN Angel came out that we forgot how much we adore this series! And it was all drama in the last one, too, which was awesome because we got a lot of backstory and a few questions were answered. But this volume started a new story arc, and had Daisuke being all Daisuke-like! Eeeee!! And! and! There's a thing! I already have this under a cut and there might actually be someone who cares enough to want to not be spoiled! But there's a thing!! And it's sooooooooo adorable! ♥♥♥!!

But more importantly! Well, maybe not more importantly, but this is something I can speculate about without spoiling anything, so it's definitely important! Unless the speculation comes to nothing, in which case it's the opposite of important! But anyway! there was a questionnaire! That's not anything unusual! But! but! the questionnaire asks about favorite TV dramas and movies. This might be very significant or very insignificant. But before we heard about a DN Angel anime, we saw questionnaires asking about people's favorite anime. We don't think it was a coincidence, but then again they asked about people's favorite video games in a Lagoon Engine questionnaire, and there isn't a Lagoon Engine video game. But there is a DN Angel video game. We don't remember if it came out before or after those questionnaires (but Athena thinks it was after).

Anyway! They might be thinking about a live-action DN Angel series or movie! How awesome could that be!? (Note I use the potential form for its awesomeness. We had such high hopes for the anime...) If they do make one we hope it's awesome. Ryunosuke Kamiki is old enough to maybe play Dark! But he seems to have more of a Daisuke personality... Hmm... Of course, this is all based purely on Summer Wars and the few Blu-ray extras we've watched. But that would be so cute, because he played Jin in the Lagoon Engine CD drama! Anyway, eeeeeeeee!!!

Okay, I think that's enough squeeing. Ah, DN Angel... *contented sigh*

Today I'm thankful for getting to try honeycombs (they were pretty tasty, too!), being followed by Ryoco Fukuyama!, getting to read volume fourteen of DN Angel!, pita chips still being on sale yesterday, and DN Angel being just as squee-inducing as ever.
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