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Today is a day of jumping thought processes. I'm not even sure what's going on anymore. Actually, I tend to not be sure what's going on a lot of the time. Am I not paying attention, or am I so "in the now" that I don't have much memory for two seconds ago? I don't know. We were discussing a story someone we knew had written, and that conversation came from... actually I think it came from us being at LJ and not knowing what to write about.

Anyway. Last night we had a visitor. I don't know if it was the little black cat or the other black cat or a new black cat entirely, but it was a black cat. It had kind of a poofy face, maybe because it finally got cold yesterday. And that (the cold) was the problem. We were wondering if maybe the black cat was gazing longingly inside, hoping to go somewhere warm for the night. Or maybe it just decided it wanted to stare Page down. I don't know. At any rate, it made things especially interesting as we were trying to say our prayers for the night and it and Page decided to meow at each other. Silly kitties.

We left a thing... I'm not sure how to describe it. It's like... batting? only cut and sewn together so that it makes a little cave-like thing. I believe they market it as a "cat magnet." Mom got one and her cat didn't like it, so she gave it to us. Mimsy used it occasionally, and Page used it a couple of times, too, but Oreo doesn't seem to care about it. So we had it, and we figure it must be kind of warm, so Athena put it in a box and left it outside for the black cat in case it needed somewhere warm to stay.

The next morning, the black cat was gone, but apparently it intended to come back, because it marked the thing as its territory. That was a mistake, because we decided that was not very polite, and we took the thing back! So there. But the cat got the last laugh in the end, because then we had to do some emergency cleaning of the thing as well as anything that may have been in the thing's path from the balcony to where we cleaned it. Sigh. Still, I would be delighted to see the black cat again. We're such suckers. (It wouldn't be a bad idea to catch it and get it fixed, either.)

That plus Oreo's usual ailment has made today more adventurous than we'd expected. But despite it all, we managed to finish a translation draft before our regular work day is up! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, polite kitties, still having some pretzel-crackers in the face of our lack of pita chips, not having a hard time waking up at our new! earlier time, and getting some extra cleaning done today.
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