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There's this website about Daylight Savings Time that says that it's really actually and officially Daylight Saving Time, with only one saving, so lately, since it's been a relevant topic, I've been trying to correct myself, but it just sounds so much better with that extra S. So I think I'll continue to say it incorrectly.

Anyway, now that Daylight Savings Time is over, we thought it might be a good opportunity to try adjusting our schedule so that we *gasp!* wake up earlier. It's actually kind of a scary thought. But it's also kind of a neat one, so we're going to try it out. I use the future tense, because today ended up being unusual sleep-schedule-wise anyway. Why? Because we got up early to go help clean the temple!

We were actually a little scared to do it, because we're pretty bad at cleaning our own apartment, so the idea of cleaning something as important as the temple was a little intimidating. But on Saturday, the Relief Society President called and asked if we would do it, so we said yes. She was even kind enough to drive us, and! since she couldn't go in to help clean herself (she's not endowed yet), she was super super super nice and waited in the parking lot the entire time so that we could have a ride home.

We were fortunate enough to be given the job of dusting. I like dusting, because I think I know how to do it. There are high ceilings in the temple, so we needed to use reeeeeally long dusters to get at the ceiling vents. It was kind of an adventure. And, because we like to be very thorough, it took us a long time to finish. We were the last people to leave! So we were extra specially grateful that the Relief Society President was kind enough to stay. (Though we were told once that a couple of sisters were assigned to the dusting once and they were there much, much longer. Yikes.)

Things turned out to be even more extra busy after we got home, because Oreo's normal ailment has struck again. We think the flareup was facilitated by his consumption of a styrofoam packing peanut and some stringy substance the other day. If we had seen him trying to eat those things, we would have stopped him, but we didn't know until it was too late. I'm not even entirely sure where he found the packing peanut, and I'm even more baffled by the fact that he insists on eating those things.

Anyway, now it's only five a o'clock but it feels so much later, and not just because it's getting dark sooner. Okay, maybe just because it's getting dark sooner, but at lunch time, it felt much, much later than lunch time.

Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to help clean the temple, getting to do the dusting, our supply of prednisolone not being expired yet, RS Pres being super nice and waiting for us to finish the cleaning, and the really pretty weather we had today.
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