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Hmm hm hmmm♪ Not much to talk about today. Sometimes I think maybe I could do a post that's like, thoughtful or something, but then I'm too lazy to put the thought into it. For example, we made an observation the other day that people seem to use the word "thought-provoking" mostly to describe an article they already mostly agree with. Or at least, it seemed that way with one person we saw use it recently, so the observation may have been of an isolated incident. I think I remember other, similar, incidents, but I'm definitely too lazy to go look for them. So so much for that.

We did watch some new anime today. Squid Girl and Otome Youkai Zakuro. For both of them we thought, "It's pretty fun, but I don't want to watch any more right now." For Squid Girl, the main girl uses squid speech, which we're (once again) too lazy to accurately describe, but if we were to look up the word she used to end her sentences (gezo? geso? degezo? something), I'm guessing it would have something to do with squids. The subtitles handled it in three different ways, which makes sense, because she had a different squid thing, where she'd end a sentence in "ja na-ika" (ika meaning squid), so there were two things at least.

Anyway, where they could, the subtitles would replace the syllables of words with "squid." Where they couldn't, they would use adverbs! Either "squidly," which was fine, or "squidding," which we're not sure about. She seemed to use it similarly to "fricking." We didn't like it, because it makes her sound like she's swearing all the time. But maybe that works, because she's so angry at humanity. On the other hand, she's trying to be all superior and stuff, and cursing is common. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo coming back from his adventures outside (nothing really exciting, just exploring the veranda, but we're glad he's back inside now), getting to try out new anime, the amusing thought of someone's car radio setting off someone else's car alarm (may or may not be a true story), the smile-inducing power of the Baby Monkey song, and choir practice tomorrow.
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