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Man, today has been stressful for no good reason. No good reason!!

Okay, so maybe there was one good reason. We've been e-mailing people about work-related stuff. Nothing bad or scary, just that sometimes e-mailing people about work-related stuff is more scary than is reasonable. And then we get a response, and we're like, "Aaaaahh!! We have to respond now or our world will be destroooooyed!! Oooohhh noooooooo!!!!!" which is entirely untrue, but, like I said, not reasonable.

And while all that was going on, there was this blog post about how come G Fantasy claims to be a shonen magazine when so much of its material is chock full of fan service for girls. Our opinion of G Fantasy has always been that it was aimed at girls, because every single title we've read of theirs has been exactly the kind of thing that teenage girls would eat up. And yet everyone seems to say it's a shonen magazine. Everyone, that is, except Japanese Wikipedia, who says the target demographic is high school and middle school kids of either gender, and that it has mainly josei and seinen titles.

I don't know what it is this week, but we've been kind of fed up with the misinformation that seems to be running rampant across North American fandom, so we decided to comment! Bam! And then someone commented and said here's some information that says it claims to be shounen. And we were like, "You know what, we could argue with this, because a retail site saying that a magazine is shonen is not the same as a magazine saying the magazine is shonen (see CD Japan's listings for "Mari Hidaka"). Or we could just go to the source."

So we actually e-mailed the G Fantasy editorial department, and asked them if G Fantasy is shonen or josei. At the time, we were like, "Well, they have a form right here, why the heck not?" Maybe we were emboldened by the fact that we'd been e-mailing people about work-related stuff, which has a much more dramatic impact on our well-being than whether a magazine is claiming to target itself at younger boys or older women. Maybe the idea of a Japanese editorial department seemed less like a real entity than somebody we were already having e-mail conversations with. Whatever the reasons, it wasn't scary.

...Until after we sent the e-mail and wondered if maybe we accidentally said something rude. Oooooohhhhh nooooooooooo!!!!!

We console ourselves by remembering all the things we've seen written by Japanese manga editorial departments, which seem to be pretty laid-back and forgiving. We hope. Probably the worst case scenario is that we get ignored. Probably. But at any rate, we're definitely curious to see what the answer is.

Today I'm thankful for Keebler's Flipsides being on sale yesterday, pita chips still being on sale yesterday (but at a different store), Supernanny coming back tonight!, the ability to go right to the source with questions, and it now being time to get away from the computer.
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