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The Snack Food Experiment

We got our wish and had a day off today! ...and it's looking like we get another one tomorrow. That's okay, though, because we don't usually do a whole lot of work on Fridays anyway. Still, it looks like we need to remember to be careful what we wish for.

In the meantime, we decided it was time to begin the Snack Food Experiment. There are two major factors that make it reeeeeally hard to try new foods (aside from people watching): taste and texture. Of course, if there are two foods that we generally like, we don't have much problem with putting them together and trying them that way. That's why I wasn't afraid to try a crepe with Nutella and ice cream the one time. That's also why we don't understand how somebody who likes strawberries and likes brownies wouldn't see the genius of putting them together (even though we don't particularly care for real strawberries ourselves). But that's beside the point.

The point is, we can eat fruit if it's squished up into a liquid. Or at least a smoothie, which doesn't really seem to be quite a liquid. I guess it's a very viscous liquid? I don't know.

But anyway, one day at Fresh & Easy, we saw a bag in the potato chip section that looked like a bag of potpourri. While it would be really funny (at least to me) to say that our reaction was, "What's this doing here? Potpourri isn't food!", we have more faith in the stocking skills of grocery store employees, so we took a closer look. They were vegetable chips! It looks like they took some vegetables, mashed them up, and baked them (though they might have sliced them up reeeeally thin). And we thought, "Hey, we like potato chips. And we like potato chips best if they've been mashed into shape and baked (as opposed to sliced up and fried)!"

So maybe if we get vegetables in a texture we like, we'll be able to get ourselves used to the flavor enough that someday we can handle the real texture of vegetables. But the tiny bag of chips was three dollars, which was a little too expensive for us. So we put off buying it until today! And now we have them! ...and I'm kind of afraid of them. But I'm going to try them! ...someday, when we finally get around to opening them.

In the meantime, here's an adorable video we found via Zach Levi (voice of Flynn Rider in Tangled) on Twitter. It's like a baby Ritsu and Kagura!

Today I'm thankful for awesome YouTube videos, getting to go grocery shopping today, having enough money to pay our rent without borrowing any, getting a (hopefully short) break from work, and kitties being very friendly today (to us, anyway).
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