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Working late

Worked late today. We just couldn't decide if we should stop working on Maid-sama! early so as not to be working late today, or if we were close enough to the end that we could finish it without disrupting our schedule too much. But since we'd still have to work on it tomorrow unless we finished it today, we figured we might as well go for it and see what happened. So we charged ahead! ...and crashed into the term "futae-tobi."

If only we had been more patient with Wikipedia... no, that probably wouldn't have helped. See, it's a style of jumping rope, and the way they explained it at Japanese Wikipedia didn't make enough sense. All it said was something about the jumper turning the rope twice. So then we had to go find a video, and that wasn't even the first time we tried to find a video. Clearly our searching technique is entirely too inefficient. But anyway, we did find a video, and it was crazy! because there was this little girl jumping rope, and she spun the rope so fast it went under her twice before she landed! Wow!

So then it was back to Wikipedia, English version this time, to discover that that's called "double under." The really shocking thing is that in the Japanese article, it said sometimes the jumper can turn the rope three or four times before landing. That's intense.

And now we're just waiting to see if we'll have an assignment for tomorrow or if we'll get to sleep in. We're kind of hoping for the sleeping in thing, even though we have reason to believe that we want to get as much work done as possible, as quickly as possible. But if we're waiting on an assignment, then there's no reason not to take advantage of the free time.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation, having laundry in the dryer (that means it's almost done!), the adorable little elephant on the November picture of our calendar, finally finding that jumprope term, and getting a check in the mail.
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