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I voted!

Actually, we voted, but that's not the catchphrase.

It's kind of funny how when we translate manga, it tends to be seasonally appropriate, and yet completely not seasonally appropriate. The point is, there were a couple of chapters in Maid-sama! on the importance of voting, and then there was an election in real life! Of course, when the book goes on sale, it will probably be nowhere near election time anymore. Especially because the election was today, and we're not going to finish this thing until tomorrow at the soonest.

Maid-sama! did have an influence on our decision to drag ourselves to our polling place, but not at all because of the chapters on voting. We translated those before we went to Disneyland last week, and by the time election day rolled around, we'd pretty much forgotten they existed. We didn't remember until we were already walking to the polling place.

It's true, we were originally planning to be lame and not vote. Our days are full enough of things to do as it is, and besides, thanks to the wonders of the internet, it seems like Athena's the only one officially registered. Occasionally it will occur to me that I ought to fix that, but the thought tends to be a fleeting one.

Still, with all the commercials about election coverage and then all the celebrities on Twitter saying, "Dude, go out and vote, stupid," (they were all nicer than that) and everything, we thought we should probably do our duty as United States citizens and vote. And then we finished our Maid-sama! rough draft before lunch, and we were like, "Well, I guess we have time now!" So off we went!

And that's where we realized why we tend to not be enthusiastic about voting. We're so woefully uninformed that we have no idea what to vote! We did read through the voters' guide before we left, so we knew what all the propositions were about (fortunately there weren't very many of them), but we still didn't know anything about the candidates. We even realized that we have no idea what some of the positions people are running for even do! Oh no! What if our votes only make everything worse!? Aaaaaahhhhh!!

I console myself by saying that, since I'm apparently not registered, my vote is only a provisional one and might not get counted.

Still, that's pretty darn pathetic. And so! maybe next year we won't be so darn lazy and we'll actually do the research to vote properly. At the very least, making a habit of voting will help us remember that we need to vote right.

Today I'm thankful for the right to vote, voters' guides, the polling place being within easy walking distance, still having time for a little Sekaichi after we got back, and getting to wear an "I Voted" sticker!
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