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Addendum. ish.

There were a few things that I forgot to mention in our Disneyland report yesterday. Well, one thing, mostly. Because we were there for the Villains Victory Party, we decided to print out more Vote for Gaston stickers that we wore around the park all day. We were especially amused, because Sarah was wearing a very pretty Snow White t-shirt, and the Wicked Queen was being all ominous in the background, with her head just in the right place to wear a sticker. So she put the Vote for Gaston sticker over the queen's face. It was the perfect message!

But then we were talking to... See, in Downtown Disney, there was this booth where they draw your name in super fancy artistic letters that incorporate Disney characters (but not Sora, boo), and it's always nice to look at them (there's also a booth in Fantasyland that sells them), so we were gazing at the pretty and the guy there to actually paint the things started talking to us. That's how we found out that they also don't paint Gaston, which isn't actually that big a deal to us, because we would have wanted more heroic type heroes, or pretty princesses. But anyway, he noticed the stickers as well as Sarah's shirt, and he was sad that he couldn't see the whole design of the shirt, and since we like to show off our pretty shirts in all their wonderful prettiness, we told Sarah it was okay if she wanted to move the sticker to the other side.

That wasn't even anything I wanted to mention. I just wanted to explain that we were wearing the stickers, because Flynn Rider also noticed them. I don't remember the exact conversation (I really wish I did; seriously, there was so much going on in that room that it's very difficult to remember much of anything, but it was awesome), probably something about how Gaston wasn't one of the candidates for vilest villain because he's "not popular," and Flynn said, "Yeah, I probably wouldn't have voted for him, either." XD

Come to think of it, we should have asked him who he would have voted for. We also should have asked him to do The Smolder. If only we weren't so awkward! Ah well.

Anyway, I also wanted to add, since there seemed to be a lot of picking on Rapunzel (see yesterday's entry), that the bookmarks they were passing out had a picture of her leaping from the tower very enthusiastically, while Flynn held on for dear life, a look of terror on his face. So it probably balances out. Man, we can't wait to see this movie!

Today I'm thankful for the great talks on the importance of integrity that we heard today, the Elder's Quorum providing refreshments for Relief Society today, the fancy villains masks we got at the party (and by fancy, we mean "cardstock on a stick," but they do look very nice. I didn't mention those, because it didn't really fit in the continuity, and we didn't take pictures because we didn't want to take them out of the plastic until we had them safely at home, but then we gave them to Mom to decorate the room in the church that she was stationed in for the ward Halloween party on Friday, and...), finding an opportunity to serve and taking it (we noticed that Mom's ward's Primary pianist wasn't around), and cardstock.
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