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Home again, again.

We're back! We had an awesome time, but once again, we are very tired. We really need to see about getting in shape. I think the main reason we don't think about it too much (until after a couple hours at Disneyland) is that we're still not entirely sure what's to come in our semi-near future. Ah well. We're also a little extra tired, because we made a few detours before coming home. All good stuff, but nothing to help the fatigue.

Of course there will be a full report. We didn't take many pictures, so I'm thinking maybe I'll even be productive enough to include them with the report! Gasp! But we'll see. For now, it's time for some relaxing.

Today I'm thankful for another awesome trip to Disneyland, Mom and Sarah both having a good time, the idea of maple almonds (we haven't tried them yet), having a lovely hotel experience, and making it home safely to find both kitties still alive.
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