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The election is over! Whew. No more posters. For now, anyway.

We made a lot better progress in Maid-sama! today, so we're feeling pretty good about life. Although I guess it's true that the grumpiness yesterday was only in small part due to Maid-sama!. The grumpiness has been cleared up as well. And now we're waiting for Celeste to come pick us up and take us to buy new shoes! Yay!

Speaking of shoes, I don't know if this is a fun, fascinating fact or extremely boring, but we each only own two pairs of shoes! Gasp! Here we are, two of the few women we know who are girly enough to embrace the color pink, but we have almost no interest in shoes. Just one pair for average, everyday use, and one pair for more formal occasions like church, and we're completely satisfied. That's how my shoes got to be as bad as they are. I've had them for more than six years, too; that's another reason. They're good shoes.

Changing the subject! tomorrow is the Villains Victory Party at Disneyland! Yay! I should probably make sure the camera's battery is charged. We have no idea what's going to happen at this party! We imagine there will be riding of rides, but that's about it. Surely that can't be all there is to it, or it wouldn't be confined to New Orleans Square... would it?

Anyway, we decided we wanted to reserve a hotel so we wouldn't have to spend four hours driving back home after a day at Disneyland. Mom kept saying she didn't want to spend the money, though, but we had heard good things about the Priceline Negotiator, and we wanted to check it out! Bam! So we went to the website, intending to get to the point where they let you choose a hotel and then call Mom to see if the low prices could convince her. Well, the joke was on us, because when you choose your own price, they automatically book a hotel that will accept your offer! That's okay, though, because we would have known about it if we'd actually read their policy like they told us to. Let that be a lesson to us all: ALWAYS READ THE POLICIES!

We're pretty happy about it, though, because now we don't have to make that drive home at night. We've already done that way too many times, and we're sick of it. And besides, we got a hotel room for just $45 (plus tax)!

Today I'm thankful for Priceline Negotiator, having all our plans worked out for the Villains Victory Party, getting to finally go buy new shoes, that election being over in Maid-sama!, and finding out that Hentiger is in fact played by Kenichi Suzumura (it wouldn't make sense for him to be played by anyone else).
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