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Maid-sama! is so fired! Rar! ...okay, maybe it's not fired. We're just grumpy today, and Maid-sama! isn't helping. The story part has been good, but the campaign posters... Aaarrrgh the campaign posters! They're all over! Dozens of them! It's almost terrifying! And the stuff with the posters goes on for more than one chapter! Aaaaahhhhhh!!

Of course, we knew the progress would be slow on Maid-sama!. When consoling ourselves, we tend to like to make sure we're completely safe, so we exaggerate numbers a lot. For example, we made sure to tell ourselves this morning that we'd probably make it through thirty pages, and we'd be lucky to translate forty. (We can usually get thirty pages in a little over two hours, but the last two things we worked on had little enough text that we managed thirty pages in half that time. Getting used to the high speed was double the reason we had to warn ourselves that it would be slow going.)

And! we actually got through forty-three pages today! We almost made it through forty-four, but there was these two lists with tiiiiiiny handwriting, and quitting time hit when we were in the middle of the first one. We usually like to finish the page before calling it a day, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to work on that other list. But anyway, if it hadn't been for Usui coming along to distract everyone from the election and start a scene with very little text on each page, I don't know what would have happened! (We would have translated fewer pages, that's all.)

That being the case, I think it's time for some artistic pursuits to help us wind down and calm down.

Today I'm thankful for Usui's distractions, the toilet being unclogged, being done with work for the day, effective reminders to call the bank (Athena wrote a note and put it inside the volume of Maid-sama! we were about to work on), and finally having all our bank accounts consolidated.
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