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Make way for tomorrow today♪

Aww, we got back from a long day away from home, and both the kitties seem to have missed us! It's so sweet, except Page was sitting on my lap, and Oreo seemed to want to sit on a lap, too, but even though Athena's lap was free, he couldn't jump onto it without getting closer to Page than he was apparently comfortable with, so he sat there meowing at us and making hesitant gestures until Page noticed him and decided to try taunting him or something by moving over to Athena's lap and poking her head through the gap in the back of Athena's chair that was much too small for Oreo to jump through. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

Anyway. We ended up staying at church extra long, because when we went to the bishop's office to pay our tithing, we found out that apparently he's been having very few appointments since the new secretary was called. The secretary (who happens to look quite a bit like Naveen from The Princess and the Frog) was like, "I guess I'm scaring people off!" We had been considering talking to the bishop for a while, since we have all this crazy stuff going on in our lives we could use a bit of counsel, so we said hey, we could stick around for an interview. It was kind of funny, because when we said we wanted to talk to the bishop, the secretary said, "Actually, he's been wanting to talk to you, too." And we were like, "Oh no, what did we do!?" and he was like, "The bishop does want to talk to the good people, too." XD

Fortunately Ponyo was driving us home and she was very agreeable to sticking around waiting (I did feel a little bad, though, because she said she was hungry; we really need to start bringing snacks to church). So we talked to the bishop, and the stuff we had to talk about was pretty much what he wanted to talk to us about, so that was good. As part of our conversation, he pointed out that the Lord has lots of blessings to give us (the general us), and He's just waiting for us to ask for them. He also pointed out that it's okay to ask to prosper instead of just to get by; he used scriptural evidence and everything! But the thing to remember is that your desires have to be righteous, or the answer is no.

(Page ran off somewhere for a while, and now Oreo is sitting in Athena's lap. Page is on her blanket on the floor, looking rather Sphinx-like.)

Then we got home two hours later than normal, and soon after that Celeste called to invite us to dinner at Mom's house. And after dinner, we watched Iron Man 2!! I think movie-wise, we liked it about the same as the first one, but what had us really excited about it was Stark Expo! It was so totally based on Epcot! City of Tomorrow bwa ha ha ha!! And the film of Tony's father! Just like Walt Disney! And! and! the song they wrote for the expo!! "Make Way for Tomorrow Today"! It's just like "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" that the Sherman Brothers wrote for the Carousel of Progress! And! and! they got one of the Sherman Brothers to write it! Aaaaahhh! That made us so happy.

Thus we see once again that the Twins' major passion is Disneyland. And things related to Disneyland.

Today I'm thankful for kitties that love us, getting to talk to the bishop, all the people who gave us rides today, getting to see Iron Man 2, and homages to Disney World.
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