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I need new shoes. This has been an established fact for several weeks now. Probably several months, but we don't keep track of these things. We just haven't been able to afford, like, anything, so this problem hasn't been remedied yet. It was a little frustrating when Celeste noticed about a month ago, because she was like, "You need new shoes," and I was like, "*sigh* I know," and she was like, "No, seriously. You need new shoes, like, yesterday." At this point I should have said, "So you gonna buy me some?" but I think I was too busy inwardly screaming, "There's nothing I can do about it! Get off my back!" And thus we see why inwardly yelling at people is completely nonproductive.

Alice noticed it when we were in line for Space Mountain at last week. (Mickey's Halloween Party: once a year. Stores selling shoes: open year-round. Halloween party wins.) I didn't react very well, because I was remembering how Celeste reacted to the situation, and I think it made me a little extra insecure about it. Of course, snapping at someone because you're afraid that they'll judge you unfavorably is probably the opposite of a productive thing to do, but fortunately Alice and Gaston were understanding. Gaston said he liked our priorities, and then said, "Tell you what. After this, we'll give you a hundred dollars; you can take it and buy a new pair of shoes. We'll even give you another eight dollars to cover tax." ($108 is what they owed us for buying their Halloween party tickets XD.)

It's now a week later, and we still don't have new shoes. We almost went and bought some, because there's a Famous Footwear in the same parking lot as the PetSmart, Game Stop, and Target we went to on Wednesday (that parking lot has quite a few useful stores! they also have a Payless Shoe Source, but we want shoes that will last), but we didn't think we'd have time. All the other stores we went to involved going right in, finding what we wanted, paying for it, and heading right out. Shopping for shoes would have involved shopping.

Fortunately, we got a check yesterday, and! being in such need of new shoes that everyone notices and comments more than once means that when we say to Mom, "We were wondering if you would take us to buy some new shoes...", she doesn't hesitate to agree. Unfortunately, we have plans to join our ward at the Corn Maze tonight, so once again, we might not have time. But hopefully before we go to Disneyland again next week! And on the bright side, we get to go to the Corn Maze!

Today I'm thankful for the shoes that I have (they may have big holes in the toes, but they're still wearable, and they protect my feet better than flip-flops!), the yummy Little Caesar's pizza we had for lunch today, getting to go to the Corn Maze, getting a check yesterday, and being informed what hymns we're singing in Relief Society so that I had time to practice them. "Let Us All Press On" is haaarrrrrd!
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