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Family Home Evening and Family

We finally got to play Professor Layton yesterday! So far we like doing all the puzzles, but since we're so focused on making sure we get all of them, we've made very, very little progress in the story after more than an hour and a half of game play. And there's still one we missed! Argh!!

We went to Family Home Evening last night for the first time in about three weeks. Last week, we were at Disneyland, and before that we were working on costumes and didn't know if we could afford to get into the roller-skating place they went to. We wanted to go, though! Oh well.

The problem with not going to FHE every week is that when we finally do show up, people might think it's because of the activity. This week the activity was mud football, and people kept asking, excited looks on their faces, "Are you gonna play!?" We're kind of like, "Let's think about this. Mud. Football. Two things we find to be quite the opposite of appealing. Of course we're not going to play!" But for the most part, we just said, "Nope!" The field they wanted to go to was packed, though, so we came back to the church and played indoor softball. They kept telling us to play, and they wouldn't let up, so we decided not to be the worst sports ever about it (though in terms of athletics, we may have been anyway; I'm not convinced that our being on the team didn't decrease performance levels), but we were still whiny about it. Fortunately, they were nice enough to let us have cupcakes anyway.

And today we finally sucked it up and went to Facebook for about five minutes! Five minutes! We wanted to invite Aurora to the Villains Victory Party, and that's the best way to get a hold of her. We found out soon after we signed out that Facebook was down, so we wondered if we caused some kind of... something... that caused Facebook to crash just by breaking the nonexistent unwritten rule that we are never to be on Facebook longer than it takes to accept a friend request.

It's not that we hate Facebook. ...Okay, maybe we dislike it a little, but only because we don't want to let it tie us to the computer. We already let Square-Enix Members and their little treasure hunting game take away too much of our time! Ah well.

Unfortunately, Aurora can't make it. So we invited Sarah instead, because Mom told us that she seemed to really want to go, and she's actually thinking about it! Part of the reason we didn't invite her before was that we kind of assumed she'd turn us down immediately, since usually when we randomly blurt out, "We should all go to Disneyland!", that's what she does. (The main part is that we wanted to invite Aurora first, since we almost never talk to Aurora, and we think we should change that. This is why we're considering giving in to Facebook.) We should find out by tomorrow if she'll be able to join us.

Today I'm thankful for being blessed with something awesome to invite people to, getting to play Professor Layton, not having to play mud football, finishing our rough draft of this volume of Higurashi (it was even more messed up than we thought! but also kind of less, and still highly entertaining), and having people to invite to awesome things.
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