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The original plan for today was to start working on the next volume of Maid-sama!, but just as we got back to the computer after breakfast, there was an urgent e-mail from Yen Press! A title we'd been told to wait on finally got put on the schedule, and they want it fast! Fortunately, we were already partway through it. Also fortunately, this title goes really really fast, which is not only good for staying on schedule, but also for morale.

Less fortunately, the story is completely messed up. Like disturbing. Of course, we expect as much from Higurashi, but for some reason this is the one arc of all of them that has us going, "That is messed up." And there's some pretty messed up stuff in the Eye Opening Arc, too.

Another interesting thing about Higurashi is that somehow, whenever we're translating it, it feels like it's dark and rainy outside, even when it's rather bright and sunny. But it is a little cloudy today, so the effect wasn't entirely psychological this time.

Anyway. In other news, we have more catfood! Yay! But more excitingly, we have the first Professor Layton game!! Double yay! When Mom took us to the pet store, which happens to share a parking lot with Game Stop, she also remembered that she never bought us the video game she promised us for Christmas. So! she was kind enough to buy the Professor Layton game for us! We were a little bit spoiled and asked for a new copy instead of a used one, but it was only a three dollar difference! And it was the last new copy they had! It must be destiny! They had the second one right there, too, which seems kind of unusual, but that's just based on our Ace Attorney-buying experiences, so maybe it's not really that unusual after all. It was tempting to buy it, too, but it's probably better to see if we like the first one first. And to make sure we don't mind the dub voices.

After the game store, Mom had been asked to buy some Pepto Bismol, so we went to Target (also in the same parking lot), where we got some shiny new gel pens! Yay! We need them for work, and we're just about out of ink on all the ones we had before. And! they had Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites! We've been wanting to try the chocolate ones of those forever and they never had any at our local grocery store! So we finally got to try those this morning. I like them better than the other flavored Frosted Mini Wheats, but the original is still the best.

We didn't have time to play our shiny new game last night, though, and we're not sure if we'll have time tonight, either. But soon!

Today I'm thankful for confirmation that we do each get to take a guest to the Villains Victory Party, getting to try chocolate Little Bites, Mom buying us a shiny new video game, getting shiny new gel pens (and in this case, they're literally shiny, too!), and getting more fancy cat food.
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