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There's a possibility we might get a Professor Layton game today! Woohoo! Last night, somebody from Capcom posted the trailer for the Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney game, and oh is it shiny. I bet it would have been doubly shiny if we were familiar with Professor Layton!

But the main purpose of our shopping trip is actually to get some hypoallergenic catfood, so if there's not time, or if the game is out of our (yet to be determined...) budget, we'll just have to say no. It's not as if we don't have a ton of other stuff to occupy our time anyway. We've just been wanting something new lately. All our other exciting stuff was kind of new, but kind of also a repeat. Not! that we don't appreciate it, of course! Just that we're spoiled or something.

In other news... um... well, we turned in our Gakuen Alice translation, and we already got our next assignment! This is definitely a good thing, but we were also kind of hoping to have some time to work on Sekaichi. We want to finish Sekaichi before we get back to other things, like Ascribe to Heaven.

Speaking of which! we went to Yukiru Sugisaki's website last night and found out that she moved to a different one! That's not really so important as the fact that we found out she illustrated a couple of books for elementary school kids. We didn't find out much about them except that the main character has a twin sister who died when they were one year old, and who is a character in the stories nevertheless, but the pictures we saw were all so adorable!! So that plus the Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney trailer had us wanting to spend all kinds of money that we really ought to be saving. Last night was a little rough.

Instead of focusing on those new books, we should remember that we've had a copy of Eden (a manga written by somebody else but drawn by Yukiru Sugisaki) for a couple years now and haven't even removed the shrink wrap. We're not even entirely sure where it is right now. But that's okay, because we don't have time to translate it anyway, sigh. (If things get too out of hand for-fun-translation-wise, we might just take turns reading it instead of translating it. Since it wasn't written by Sugisaki-sensei, we're not as set on reading it at the same time.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the store to get Oreo's special catfood, remembering that we have more Yukiru Sugisaki manga that we should look into actually reading at some point, not having to work on costumes while we watch TV tonight, finally getting to see that episode of The Whole Truth that we wanted to watch, and getting to eat yummy Italian four-cheese Cheez-its.
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