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Now that we've posted all we have to post about Mickey's Halloween party, I'm not sure what to post about anymore.

We knew that the fast pace of our Gakuen Alice translation wouldn't last through the whole volume, because there was a bonus story that wasn't part of the main plot. Those things tend to get extra texty even when the main story isn't all dramatic and stuff. Fortunately, the extra story was very short, and actually wasn't very dense text-wise. Unfortunately, there were two bonus pages that were ridiculous! Jam-packed! Aaaahhhhh! One of them took us like half an hour, and I am not exaggerating. But it also happened to be a report of a drama CD recording, with an amusing anecdote about Tomokazu Sugita (Tono--such a perfect choice!), so we couldn't complain too much.

Oh right, I kind of wanted to talk about Beauty and the Beast, because we finally watched our Blu-ray on Sunday. The first thing worth noting (in my opinion) was the preview for the next Disney Diamond Edition release. It started up with the, "Coming soon, to Disney Blu-ray..." and we were like, "Dumbo!? No, more likely it's Fantasia, since that's supposed to be coming out next month." But we were wrong on both counts! It's Bambi! Wait, Bambi? Bambi!? But we already have Bambi! And we only got it like five and a half years ago! ...Okay, that's actually a significant amount of time, so maybe it's not that big a deal, but... but... but we haaave it!

And to be honest, Bambi, while gorgeous and chock full of adorable animals, is not one of our favorite Disney movies. We think it's the lack of dialogue. We're definitely more "audio" than "visual." Oh well, I'm sure we have plenty of time to earn enough money to get it should we decide to do so.

That reminds me! There's going to be a Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney video game! We've always been interested in the Professor Layton games, but never enough to buy one until now. Except we don't have money. But we do have two IOUs from last Christmas! It's a little extra amusing to me, because I just dreamed this morning about how they were making a new Ace Attorney game but we couldn't afford to buy it. Prophetic dream? Or was it just influenced by our listening to our Ace Attorney orchestral arrangement CD last night?

And what were we reading while listening to that CD? Athena was reading Grimms' Fairy Tales and I was reading... Bambi! Tadah! It all comes full circle. Or something.

So anyway, we watched Beauty and the Beast, and Gaston's--our friend Gaston, not the character Gaston--Gaston's theory about Belle being a gold digger put an interesting new light on the scene where she tells Maurice that someday he'll be a world famous inventor. (Maurice: Do you really believe that? Belle: I always have. (...It's been the only thing keeping me going...))

But the theory stopped holding much water when we realized that Belle is actually pretty gracious. She said please to an inanimate object! And an actual inanimate object, not a person transformed into an inanimate object. And she's always saying thank you to people when they're nice to her. For some reason I was just very impressed by that as we watched the movie. There are a couple of Disney princesses who are smart, but they're the type who know they're smart, so they kind of have an attitude, and since Belle is definitely a bookworm, you'd think she'd be a little like that too, but she's not! That made me happy.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft despite the madness of those two pages, having an extra push to check out the Professor Layton series (someday when we can afford a new game), being done with this week's column so we don't have to work on it today, Belle not having too bad an attitude, and getting to make progress on our Disney Reading Project.
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