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Home again, home again... you know the rest.

We're back, we're alive, and all that stuff. We had a great time, but we are unreasonably tired. I mean heck, Gaston and Alice got up and made us breakfast, drove us home, and are still going out to dinner with family, while we just want to crash. Gaston even has to use extra energy to help replace a clutch or some other car-repair-type thing.

The party was fun. There will be a full report later, tomorrow we hope. The short version is there were way more people than last year, thus making lines unpleasantly long and giving us less time to do more stuff, as well as taking away the cozy, "special event" feel of last year. But we're all pretty good at enjoying ourselves anyway, and that we did! Also, the candy was better this year, and we got to see the fireworks (unlike last year), so at least there were some very slight improvements.

But now it's time to rest and maybe get some more food. We haven't eaten nearly enough in the last couple of days (we didn't want to take time out of the party to eat!).

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to another Disneyland Halloween party, Gaston and Alice and their incredible hospitality, having plenty of very good candy to eat over the next couple of weeks or so, getting to see the Halloween fireworks, and getting to go on Ghost Galaxy three times.
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