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I should have known from the moment I posted the line "we think we can get them done before the day is out" (or whatever it was I said yesterday) that we would not, in fact, finish the costumes before the day was out. Lumiere was giving us some extra special trouble, and it had us very stressed out for quite some time.

So today, instead of doing our job, we took time off to work on costumes. Or to kind of sort of work on costumes while figuring out how to fix problems and what we could work on while cats decided that Babette's skirt would make a fantastic bed. I was trying to pin feathers to that! (When Oreo was kind enough to find a new place to sleep, I finished all the pinning and hung the skirt up. He later came to meow at us--did he want food, or did he want his bed back? ...probably food.)

But! we fixed the problem with Lumiere, and after that the stress magically went away. ...Or actually, it turned into silliness and then went away. We decided there was little enough left to do on costumes that we could actually do our job, so it was time to edit our Happy Cafe script! There was a lot of over-dramatic line readings and bursting into song. Sometimes we wonder if the neighbors ever hear us and go, "Wha...?" We even wondered that today, because it's unusually warm for October, but not so warm that we want to keep the hot air out, so we have the window open. I'm actually glad for the heat, because it means we're less likely to be cold on Friday night.

Today I'm thankful for fixing the problem with Lumiere's costume, Oreo being kind enough to let me work on Babette's skirt, the Happy Cafe edit going pretty well (we got through a third of it without taking much time! I'm just a little sad because we could have finished it today if we'd worked on it all day, but then we'd just have something else taking up our time, so I guess it's just as well), getting to buy chocolate, and the cats being kind enough not to attack the feathers.
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