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I saw the little black cat this morning! It was spinning around waiting for its owners to open the door to their yard so it could get out. Despite it being perfectly capable of climbing trees, we saw it do this before it fell from our balcony, so this is not a bad sign. Also, there was no cast on its leg! Yay!

Last night we watched The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and were amused by just how much Brom Bones resembles Gaston. They must have taken a lot of inspiration from the Ichabod Crane story for Beauty and the Beast. Brom dresses like Gaston, he has a black horse like Gaston, and when they start the song about the Headless Horseman, it's just like when they start the Mob Song in Beauty and the Beast. And here no one was supposed to be able to do anything like Gaston. Adding to the amusement was the song about Ichabod Crane, where he walks through town with his nose in a book while all the villagers sing about him. XD

After the movie, we watched an episode of Yumeiro Patisierre, and then, against our better judgment, stayed up too late reading manga. Oh, but it was good, because it helped us (temporarily) forget about all the things that were stressing us out about. Before yesterday, I had read the last volume of I Hate You♥ while Athena read the latest volume of Berry Berry, so yesterday we switched!

The first comment when we were done reading (aside from an observation that Berry Berry 3 had an ad for Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki (I haven't decided if I want to shorten it to Tenshi 1/2 or Akiyoshi TNG)) was Athena asking, "Did you notice!?" and my response, "Kimijima!!" Narihira was making a bunch of phone calls, and one of them was to a Kimijima, and we're like, "Is it that Kimijima!? Yay! Tears of a Lamb cameo!!" But we're not sure. There were three nameless people that showed up for a panel or two, and one of them might have been Kimijima, but none of them looked like that Kimijima. Of course, with Hidaka-sensei's evolving art style, it's hard to tell by the face. None of them had the right hair, but that's not necessarily a deciding factor. Hmmm... Even if he wasn't one of those three, he could still show up later. But not for a while, because the series is on hiatus.

There are two problems with the series being on hiatus. It means that Akiyoshi TNG is going on, which is not a problem, but that one might not be published in a graphic novel until there's enough for two. It might not take that long, but argh! So really the problem is not with the series being on hiatus but that now we have to wait extra for it, and shiny Akiyoshi goodness (two problems).

In other Berry Berry news, Utamaru is becoming less and less trustworthy. He has too many moe points. And he's too mean to Nari-Nari. But on the other hand, that only makes Nari-Nari that much more like Maki. Maybe Uta-san is trying to be Honjo... Hmm...

As for I Hate You♥... I think the general comment is, "*contented sigh*." Not a whole lot to say there without being spoilery.

Then the shoujo manga goodness continued today with Happy Cafe! Yay! Leave it to Ichiro to make bold and shocking statements! Ooohhh! We managed to finish the almost whole book in just two days of working! Also shocking! (We still have an afterword though.)

And now we have to get to work on costumes. The party is on Friday! Aaaahhhh! (We think we can finish the costumes before the night is out, but it's still a little intense.) But first, I need to practice the piano.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch an old Disney classic that we hadn't seen in forever and hardly remembered, shoujo manga goodness, Susie the Little Blue Coupe (it's kind of a not-so-hidden Easter egg on the DVD! we were so happy to find it, even though I remember hating it as a kid), confirmation that the little black cat is okay, and cameos.
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