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Relief and stress

We have been at the computer far too long today. Ah well.

In case anyone was worried, Dad called last night, and we told him about the little black cat falling from our balcony. He told us that cats are pretty good about falling (they do always land on their feet, after all), and he mentioned that when we were living in Southern California, he read a story about a cat who got stuck in a palm tree. They called the fire department to get it down, but they didn't have a ladder that was long enough to reach the cat. While they were trying to figure out what to do, somebody accidentally spooked that cat, and it jumped from the tree! ...and just ran off, with nothing wrong with it.

So we think the little black cat will be fine. In fact, we heard a noise that sounded like something jumping on the parking lot roof last night; we're hoping that was the cat.

Incidentally, I forgot to mention it, but there's another little black cat in the area! We think it belongs to our neighbors down the hall. But I guess that information is really just random and unimportant. Oh well.

We're getting a little bit worried about costumes. We're still pretty sure we can finish them on time, but we're still concerned about whether or not the people who will be wearing them will like them. I like to think that we're just over-thinking things, but sometimes there will be a little hint that maybe there's something about the costume that they don't like or that makes them uncomfortable (it does take a certain amount of guts to dress as a candelabra, after all), and my first reaction (because I'm stressed out) is to be all "RARRRR!!" Then my second reaction is to be all, "Oooohhhhh nooooooo!!!! This is supposed to be fun! I don't want anybody to be embarrassed or uncomfortable!! Ooooohhhh noooooo!!!" So it's a little tough. Lately I seem to be clenching my teeth more, and I think I've decided that that's the main cause. Though it could be the other thing that I'm not talking about here yet.

In other words, I think I need to calm down. Next time Ponyo calls, I'll have to let her know that we won't be hurt if anybody decides they hate their costume so much they can't wear it. I just hope we haven't been too pushy about, "No! That won't work! We need this!" and the like. I'll have to apologize for that, too.

Today I'm thankful for Dad calling last night, interesting stories about cats and palm trees, having just about everything we need to finish the costumes, getting to talk to Sister H, and it being time to leave the computer and relax.
Tags: cosplay, kitties, social anxiety

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