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The Little Black Cat Part 3: The Fall

Tra la la, we're posting early again today. Not that it really matters, since it's Saturday for one, and it never really mattered to begin with for two. But anyway, we have plans to get costume materials today, starting at some time around three, and then we're just going to hang out with people after that, so we figured it was now or never. Or, like, nine or ten or something, which is admittedly much sooner than never, but still not a good time to post, because by then, if we're tired or not, we'll be like, "But we're done with stuff for the day! whine whine whine" and we'll just want to play video games. Or maybe watch The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Man, I've been eager to watch that all week, maybe even for the last two weeks (I don't keep track of these things), but now that we actually have it... I still want to watch it, but we wanted to read manga last night instead.

Anyway. This morning! we discovered that the little black cat had found a spot on the roof to the parking lot that apparently it finds to be quite comfortable, because it seemed to have been lounging there for a while. We're not sure what exactly our cats thought about it, but whatever it was, they felt very strongly about it, because as soon as we finally got out of bed and went into the kitchen/dining area (where the balcony door is), they went up to it and starting staring out of it. Curious to see what would happen, and perhaps a little sadistic, we opened the balcony door to let our cats outside!

Our cats raced out the door and started meowing at the little black cat, who also started meowing. We started to worry that perhaps we had caused some annoyance for the neighbors (but we were still amused). The black cat seemed very excited that the door was open, and also looked like it wanted to jump onto the balcony. Maybe it reeeeally liked that hypoallergenic food (at forty bucks a bag, I should hope that it's quite tasty). But anyway, there were two other cats blocking its way. (Come to think of it, Oreo and Page did seem to set aside their differences to join forces against this potential intruder. Maybe that's a good thing? Also come to think of it, we read somewhere that cats don't meow at each other--they meow for the benefit of the people around them. If that's true, I wonder what they were trying to say.)

There wasn't a whole lot we could do about any of it, so we proceeded in getting our breakfast and then went out to the living room to eat it (the dining table is covered with costume supplies, and before that it was covered with mail and nonperishable groceries and stuff; a time when we used it to eat at did really exist, but it's long since past, eheh). From where I was, I couldn't see anything else that happened, but Athena watched as the little black cat decided to just go for it and jump to the balcony! ...but Oreo got in its way, and it fell! down, down to the ground below (actually not that far down, but still an entire story).

By the time Athena got to the window to check on it, the little black cat had already started climbing up the tree that it uses to get out of the neighbors' yard. So we think it's okay, but it jumped over the brick wall next to the tree and we haven't seen it since. We're definitely glad it didn't take Oreo with it, but we also really hope our cat didn't cause severe injury to our neighbor's cat. On the other hand, we've heard stories of sadistic boys tossing cats off rooftops, and none of them seemed to end with the cat dying. Oohh, poor kitty. We hope it's okay.

Today I'm thankful for having plans to get costume supplies today, having plans to spend time with friends today, getting to sleep in today, having a back-up plan for lunch (we were going to have grilled cheese sandwiches, but we forgot to get out a new stick of butter to thaw), and having The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad to watch whenever we're ready.
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