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Day at the fair

Yesterday we went to the fair! Tadah! It wasn't as fun as it could have been, but I think that may have been our own fault. We felt kind of invisible, but we weren't really trying to be visible all that much, so. (Still, there was the one time I said something, and Celeste commented on it, so I started talking more, and then Sarah said something and right in the middle of my sentence, Celeste turned and started talking to Sarah without looking back once. So maybe not entirely our fault, but still.)

But there was still a bunch of fun stuff! We started out in the area with all the farm animals, which had us a little more nervous than last time, because I am in such desperate need of new shoes, but the animals were cute as always. I was a little disappointed at the lack of Muppet-headed birds, but there were still some really pretty pheasants. Mom wanted to see the cow-milking demonstration, but it didn't start on time, and then we had to meet Steve, who had just arrived, so we went to see Wool Warriors instead.

Wool Warriors is unreasonably cute, I think. What it is is they have little kids sign up--you must be six or younger, and weigh under sixty pounds--and they ride sheep! And if they can stay on for six seconds, they win! Unless somebody else stayed on for six seconds; then it's whoever stayed on longest. It's very difficult to describe how cute this was to watch, but you could probably find some videos on YouTube. This time, there were two kids who stayed on for exactly six seconds, so they had to have a tie-breaker. But in the tie-breaker, one of the sheep got a little restless, I guess, because it was totally trying to buck the little girl off of it. She ended up with second place, and she was crying at the awards ceremony, poor thing. Hopefully she'll get to try again and do better next time. In the meantime, a kid with a Batman shirt got first place, which is kind of awesome--like Batman won.

After Wool Warriors, it was time for the Alaskan Pig Racing. Celeste got to be the special volunteer to be the start-gate operator. This event was also quite adorable. Our favorite pig was Strawberry--a little mostly black pig with a pink racing bib, because she was the only girl. But she got last place, aww. Oh well. It was still adorable.

After that, people were starving, so even though we all got distracted by the greenhouse building (which was more a display of different types of plants and landscaping and bonsai than an actual greenhouse), we had to leave quickly so people could eat. Despite all the options, we didn't eat as much as we should have, which is probably why I ended up with a small headache that lasted through half of today. Oh well.

Next, we were wandering in search of the home arts(?) building, where Mom was hoping to find someone who could tell her how to card wool and spin her own yarn. But before we got there, we discovered the giant hamster balls! Actually, I think the attraction was call "human bubble" or something. They had these giant inflatable balls, and if you paid five dollars, you could go inside one that was floating on a wading pool, and run around and turn somersaults, or whatever you wanted to do inside the giant hamster ball. Typing it out now, it sounds really silly, but when you see it, it looks pretty awesome. Celeste and Sarah both had forgotten their wallets, so they promised Mom to pay her back and both gave it a go.

It was while they were in line that we realized there was no way to get more oxygen into the bubbles. They reinflate them every time somebody gets in one, so you get a fresh supply when you get in, but it's actually kind of brilliant, because that way they can easily get people to end their turn so somebody else can have one. You could tell when the oxygen was running out, because the bubble would start to fog up on the inside. It was a neat application of science.

When Celeste and Sarah got out into the fresh air, we headed to the home arts(?) building to discover that there was no one around the weavers' booth to give Mom any info. Boo. So we looked at all the neat arts and crafts and considered entering the Babette costume we're making next year (might not happen; it will be in Ponyo's possession, and besides we're too lazy to do the paperwork and stuff), and then we went to the commerce building, where they had all kinds of neat things on sale. We saw a towel that stays cool but dry, so you can keep yourself cool without getting wet, and we saw a fancy shower head that uses less water but has more pressure, so it feels good and is good for the environment.

We also randomly ran into someone from the vet's office! He saw us and asked us how Oreo was doing, and we were kind of stunned. We were like, "Who is this person? Is he someone from church (he kind of looks like someone from church, and we only ever talk to people from church because we don't get out like ever) who we talked to one of the many times Oreo was sick? Oh no!! Who is this person!?" Partway through the conversation, Athena realized who he was, but she wasn't able to convey that information to me until after he left. And of course we don't mind talking to random strangers, but since I didn't know what he knew, I didn't know what to say! We're sorry, vet guy!!! We didn't recognize you without your scrubs!!! (Plus, we haven't seen him there in a long time. Is he not working there anymore, or do we always take Oreo in on his days off?)

Anyway. We also saw a demonstration of an amaaaazing mop that can clean just about anything with just water! (Or vinegar if you want to disinfect.) Wow! We were totally sold on it, except for the not having money thing, and the maybe having money if we move far away thing. Either way, buying the mop would be better after we get settled into something more lucrative than our current financial situation. Especially because I wanted to get the deluxe set with all the fancy different cleaning cloths.

We didn't go home empty-handed, though. There was another booth that sold neat things (this time it even said it sells "neat stuff"), including a glasses emergency repair kit! Tadah! For two dollars! That's right! Two! I asked about it because they seemed like the kind of place that would have spare nose pads for glasses, and I'm still missing one from my glasses. (I've gotten used to it, and nobody seems to notice it, so I don't think about it much.) They only had temporary ones for you to use until you go get new nice ones, and they came in little kits! So we got one! Tadah! But I still need to get a new nose pad. We were thinking maybe we should just get new glasses, though, so maybe one day that will really happen.

And then we went home! The end!

Today I'm thankful for our Disney movie package arriving today (at which point my headache finally disappeared, thus leading me to believe that the reason it lasted so long was purely psychological), getting to finish work a little early today, neat glasses repair kits, Wool Warriors, and having a chance to study Beauty and the Beast before we go to the Halloween party.
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