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New theme!

We have changed our Live Journal theme! Tadah! It's a little strange, since we had the same theme for so long. But it's actually exactly the same layout, only with different colors. We just happen to really like the layout that we had. But we thought it might be time to change colors. And so we went with our second default color: green!

The reason we hadn't changed layouts in so long is that we don't like taking the time to figure out what we want. And we usually look at all the choices and think, "That would be perfect, if we could juuuuust tweak it a little." We even tweaked our new theme! It doesn't really take that long, either, but it's just one of those things. Like laundry.

My only slight concern is that our default icon has a red color scheme, and that tends to go better with pink than with green. We could always change our default icon, but I really think the one we have is good as a default icon for us. Ah well.

Anyway, we're updating early today, because we're going to the fair later! Yay! It's been rainy the last few days, but it's pretty sunny now, and I think it will keep up. There are clouds still, so there's still a chance, but for now we're grateful that things are looking good.

While we wait to go to the fair, we were going to just chill and read manga, but! the package we've been waiting for happened to arrive during lunchtime, and now we can work on Happy Cafe! Yay again!

...all my thoughts seem to be pretty brief today. Oh well, off to work!

Today I'm thankful for the ease of tweaking theme colors, finally getting the books we needed, having finished our name indexing today so we can spend all day working tomorrow, getting to go to the fair, and the weather looking promising.
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