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We were so stumped by a couple of lines in Higurashi manga today that we actually went to Hulu to see how the anime people dealt with it. Had to make a new account and everything, because Higurashi (understandably) is for mature audiences only. As it turned out, the anime people seemed just as stumped as we were. But we might have come to a different conclusion, had we watched it subtitled and not dubbed, though. We don't know if the subbed version is available, since we wanted to get this job done and we'd already spent way too long on those lines as it was, so we just watched the first thing we found.

It was an interesting experience watching the dub, though. After comparing the different language Kingdom Hearts recordings, we decided that, while the English dub isn't bad, it somehow seems more tired than the Japanese version. The Higurashi dub wasn't all that tired, but it did seem less sincere. For either one, it seems like maybe the actors weren't ready to really commit or something.

In a complete change of subject, we were supposed to go shopping to get some costume supplies today, but we failed because both parties (us and Ponyo & company) assumed that the other one was going to call. D'oh. Fortunately, both parties were also being very productive regardless, which is probably why it took so long before any contact was made. We were working on Higurashi, and they were moving furniture around because their family is redecorating their house or something. We do not envy them.

But speaking of our Halloween costumes, last night we were thinking about how we could better act in character at the party, and I think we came up with a great idea! Of course, as Gaston fangirls, so to speak, what we would probably do is fangirl about Gaston (really very obvious now that we finally figured it out). So when we'd meet other characters, we'd be all, "Isn't Gaston great?" and start squeeing about why. We thought it would be really fun to come up with stuff like all the Chuck Norris jokes, but then we realized we're not necessarily that creative. Would it be wrong to steal some Chuck Norris jokes and replace his name with Gaston? The silly girls would think that Gaston is better than Chuck Norris... But Chuck Norris is more of a martial arts guy, and Gaston is more of a weapons guy... we think. We could very easily be wrong on that one.

Anyway, maybe we should forget about Chuck Norris and go find some of those Burger King Team Edward/Team Jacob commercials to study...

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy chocolate truffle cake at Fresh & Easy and spending a dollar less than if we hadn't bought it, finishing another Higurashi translation, the fascinating experience of watching some clips from the Higurashi dub, having a good idea of how to be in character this Halloween (I was a little disappointed last Halloween, but it was okay, because it was enough fun just to sit back and let Gaston do his thing), and not having so much left to do on costumes that a short reprieve will do us major harm (we can't go fabric shopping tomorrow because we're going to the fair, and we can't go on Friday because Michelangelo is volunteering).
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