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It must be a curse.

As part of our morning routine, I've gotten into the habit of checking AnimeOnDVD. I'm not sure why I've kept up with it--I know there are better anime news sites out there. Still, I do find useful information, like the fact that we're cursed.

Yoko Ishida is touring malls around the US. We obviously didn't expect her to be coming to Fresno (although it's not entirely out of the question), but she's not even coming to San Francisco or LA. Although she will be in San Diego, and our home teacher said he'd be happy to take us to San Diego any day. We might have to consider that.

But, just to rub salt in the wound, it is looking like she'll be at various places where most of the people on our friend's list might be able to go see her without too many problems, including Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Denver. I'm not sure if the fact that most of our friends wouldn't care that much makes it better or worse.

In other news, they interviewed the singers for the Ueki no Housoku character song CDs! They interviewed Romi Park and Tomoko Kawakami together, which made for some interesting interaction. Park-san said she liked Ueki's song, but everything she sings sounds like modern Japanese ballads, so she tried really hard to make it not sound that way... Now I really want to hear Edward Elric's image song...

When asked what they would do if the situation arose that they should perform these songs in front of people, Park-san and Kawakami-san were like, "There's gonna be a live event!?" And the interviewer said it was a secret. Ah well, if there is one it'll just be another thing we can't go to.

Anyway, Park-san said she'd sing Ueki's song as a ballad, and Kawakami-san said she'd wear glasses like Ai's. When Park-san asked her what that had to do with the song, she said she wanted to look like Ai when she performed. So Park-san says, "Then I'll cosplay Sano." "Why Sano?" "Because it's a Japanese ballad. I should dress casually."

Romi Park seems like a fun person. I would totally join her fanclub if I was in Japan and had money.
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