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One thing has become clear today: Page has a personal vendetta against every single pen on our desk. We don't know what they did to her, but she will do whatever it takes to destroy them, not caring how scratched up Athena gets in the process. She acts all innocent and cute, hopping onto Athena's lap and being all cuddly. Then, as soon as she gets settled... WHACK! down goes a pen. This is especially unfortunate, because usually Athena is using those pens to mark the books we're translating.

Today, Athena finished marking a page, so she put the pen down, and as soon as we were ready to move on to the next page... WHACK! off it went, flying into the far reaches of a ream of paper on the floor about maybe a foot away. (Athena: I'd say at least two.) We had a hard time finding it, and we had to pick up the blanket that's been by Athena's chair so we could shake it out in case that's where the pen was. The blanket is Page's favorite place to sleep when we're at the computer and she's not busy assassinating pens, so she was slightly distraught to retreat behind the chair in attempt to get away from Oreo, only to discover that her comfort blanket was gone. Fortunately, she found it again, and is on top of it now, but somewhat unfortunately, we were irresponsible enough to leave it directly in the path to and from our computer chairs. (Actually, she found it before she realized it had moved. Maybe she was hoping there were two?)

Maybe we'll keep the blanket there as a decoy, to prevent Page from getting all the way to the desk where she can start murdering pens...

(Disclaimer: No pens were harmed in the creation of this LJ entry. It's not like she actually destroys the pens, only knocks them to the floor.)

Today I'm thankful for finding that pen again, finishing our column last night, hippopotamuses (especially when they're not wiggling their ears and blowing bubbles), Page being all cute and not destroying pens right now, and finishing our first draft of the translation we were working on.
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