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Weather and gratitude and kitties

The weather has been a bit complicated lately, but we're hoping it's finally settled down. We had a heat wave, but the cold air hit last night with its friends thunder and lightning. Fortunately, there was more lightning and less thunder, because we're kind of scared of both, but thunder is even scarier. Lightning is a little startling, but then it's like, "Oh, that was pretty!" (Unless of course the lightning hit you...) But thunder is the reminder that the lightning is close enough to hit you. So when we see lightning and don't hear thunder, we're like, "Oh, good, it's far, far away."

President Monson gave a talk on the importance of gratitude today, which was a good reminder, because even with the gratitude journal everyday, I've still been all whiny about wanting stuff. "The wise man rejoices in what he has."

Between conference sessions, the most exciting thing happened! I was on my bed reading an Ensign magazine, and then Page showed up as usual. She really likes hanging out with me on my bed. A little while later, I heard what sounded like a cat climbing the ladder to my bed, and soon, there was Oreo! He didn't seem too happy about Page being there, but he didn't let it discourage him and he didn't hiss at her or anything. He just sat down and let himself relax. Although maybe he wasn't relaxing that much, because as soon as we left to get some juice before the next session, he climbed back down to follow us. But it was still very nice (Oreo doesn't come on my bed all that often), and Page took the pressure this time and stayed with us the whole time!

Today I'm thankful for another wonderful conference, reminders of all the blessings we already have, kitties coming together, the lovely post-storm sky, and not getting struck by lightning.
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