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General Conference has gotten off to another great start! Today there seemed to be more than a few messages about acting rather than being acted upon, so when we were wondering whether or not Mom and our sisters would be calling about dinner or something tonight, we decided that instead of waiting to see if something happened, we should act! and we called Mom ourselves! Ha! And that's how we found out that we're going to Marie Callender's for dinner! Oh, it's a dream come true! Just what we wanted! (Mostly the pie, but still.)

Other than that, we probably ought to work on costumes some more. We were considering doing just that, but we were both like, "No no no no no no!! No, don't make me do it! Nooooooo!!!" And what is it that's so terrible that I would have to do on these costumes? Hem a skirt. It's so not even close to one of the hardest things you can do in sewing, especially since this is the kind of skirt where it doesn't matter whether or not the hem is visible. (One of the skirts is an underskirt, and for the other one, we're considering lining it with feathers, so it will be hidden anyway.)

We've also already proven that Athena's project isn't a difficult one. She has to draw a line on foam! Oh no!! And then she has to cut it! Gasp!! And it doesn't even have to be straight. It's amazing what kinds of tiny things we can be afraid of sometimes.

In the meantime, the cats are just as adorable as ever. Oreo approached Page like he was sincerely interested in maybe making friends. But Page couldn't handle the pressure and meowed in protest, so he backed off. Then later, Oreo jumped on the back of the couch to watch Conference with us, and Page saw it and decided to take the opportunity to get close to him (from behind, as always). But she couldn't take the pressure, and retreated to the other couch with me. And then she sat with me for the rest of the session! Awww! And now, they're still in the same room as each other! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for the kitties getting closer (at least in proximity), getting to go to Marie Callender's, costumes not being as scary as they seem, more awesome Conference talks, and remembering to get some vitamin C today.
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