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Our life has been taken over by Halloween preparations! Aaaaahhhhh!!

Actually, it's not nearly that bad. I guess we're just so used to having to really push to get costumes done on time that when we're actually moving at a decent pace with plenty of time, the concept doesn't compute. I've worked on the Babette skirt for probably no more than six hours, and it's at least half finished, and there are still two weeks left! That's plenty of time, right? Right!? (I guess it would help to point out that the only thing I really have to make is that skirt, unless Ponyo can't find a top.)

Athena spent the afternoon working on a hat for Lumiere. It still needs some tweaking, but it looks pretty good. And since she's already got patterns and stuff for the hand-candles, they shouldn't take much time, either. But we're still panicking. We're just like that. Especially because we want to be done with costumes for today. We think that's okay, but on the off-chance that it's not... we'll just stay up late the whole week before the party.

Speaking of the party, we bought our tickets for Mickey's Halloween Party today! Yaaaay!! Now it's official! I even made sure to call, because Gaston said he had read somewhere that only Annual Passholders can get in three hours early with their tickets, but that doesn't make any sense, because Annual Passholders can come as soon as the park opens and wouldn't need any Halloween Party ticket. Still, if there was a chance that that would be the case, it's important to check the facts, or we could end up with three hours of waiting outside Disneyland. (Not quite as boring as it sounds with Downtown Disney and all, but still.)

Also, everyone in our party (except maybe Alice) has been dying to know if they would let us wear our costumes during those three hours before the party started. So after the Disneyland cast member assured me that anyone with a Halloween Party ticket could get in three hours before the party started, I asked, "Now, we looked at the costume guidelines, and they say adults are only allowed to wear costumes during the party...?" She said, "You can wear costumes in those three hours; it's not like we're going to make you find a bathroom to change in in the middle of the day."

Da da-da DAAAAHHH!! The mystery has been solved, and everything makes sense! Yay! So I thanked the cast member and then we went to buy our tickets online so we wouldn't have to pay fifteen dollars for shipping. If we had a lot of disposable income, we could have paid for shipping anyway, because the little tickets are so much cuter and more official-looking than the big 8x11 papers you have to print out for eTickets, but we don't have that kind of money, so ah well.

Today I'm thankful for having our tickets, making pretty good progress on costumes, getting to spend time in the living room together with both cats and doing something creative, having time to read manga tonight, and General Conference tomorrow!
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