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Unfortunately, we didn't get much work done today, job-wise. Fortunately, we did get more work done than we thought we would job-wise, plus I think our adventures were quite productive.

Ponyo called, and she and her brother showed up for some costume stuff. Ponyo's brother, we'll call him Michelango, had found items that could be used for every part of a Lumiere outfit except, of course, the candles. Still, the idea of not having to make a suit from scratch is very appealing, so we're happy with it. The suit jacket might need some considerable altering to make it look period instead of just like a guy in a suit, but we're still working that part out. We might just leave it, and see if an Edgeworth-type look works.

In the meantime, it was off to Hancock Fabrics to see what we could come up with! First we looked through the pattern books... and came up with nothing that we ended up using. It wasn't until we got to the feather boa section that the ideas started flowing. We think we've come up with a really great design, so if we can just make the costumes look like the one in our imaginations, it will be pretty fantastic.

Still, we were on a budget, so we also went to the Halloween store in the same complex (which turned out to be very unhelpful, as everything was more expensive), Michael's, and Goodwill. We got some stuff at Michael's for Lumiere's costume (which is still rather intimidating, but not quite as intimidating as it was before), and then it was back to Hancock to actually buy the stuff we wanted for the feather duster, aka Babette. (According to Michelango, they call her Fifi in Belle's Magical World. This can be accounted for either A)because they're parallel worlds and you can choose which one is "right," or B)as clearly demonstrated in the "Be Our Guest" sequence, there are a great many more than one maid who was turned into a feather duster.)

There was some black fabric that had a neat texture that looked like it would work really well for part of the costume, but it was sooooooo expensive, so we decided to just have Ponyo check her and her sisters' wardrobes to see if there was anything she could use for that part instead (I don't want to explain too much, or out idea might get stolen). But then! it just so happened that Ponyo's mother called. It also just so happened that Ponyo's mother was pretty much exactly where we were. So she came in to say hi, and Ponyo and Michelango explained what we were planning and showed her the black fabric, and she was like, "Well, get it!" and then she paid for it. While I am very thankful to her, now we need to make sure this costume looks good so her money will have been worth it. (Of course, I would need to do that anyway, because we told Ponyo and Michelangelo up front that we would not be able to pay for these costumes.)

So now we have plenty to work with, and Ponyo has instructions to see if she can come up with the rest with clothes she already owns. Ponyo's mother said they might have a more period-style jacket that we can use for Lumiere, too; we still haven't decided exactly what we want to do about his clothes. But anyway, I think we're making good progress. The only problem now is that I have to actually get sewing. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for kind mothers willing to splurge on costumes for their children, good ideas for how to deal with these costumes, feather boas being on sale, the cats not being too traumatized after accidentally being locked in the bedroom for a few hours (eheh...), and getting some work done on Gakuen Alice today.
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